Work-Life Imbalance

Work-Life Imbalance

As we shift into the new normal, so does our work schedule. From working remotely to hybrid office days, changes are inevitable, and many of us are still finding comfort and balance. But with such a scramble comes an unprecedented outcome. An imbalance when it comes to juggling work and personal time.

Work-life balance is a vital aspect of every professional’s life. It helps keep one’s productivity at its optimal as well as maintain a healthy state of mind. When one out shadows the other, problems and challenges will soon surface. Especially in unusual days like the ones we are going through now, it is hard to compensate one or the other.

So how then can we approach such a delicate situation and yet still come up on top? Well, here are three ways we can assess our current outlook on how a proper work-life balance should be and what changes are needed.


Plan Your Time Well

There should be a specific time of when to work, when to take breaks as well as time to close off for the day. Without setting a target time to follow with discipline, work hours can become a blur and might even stretch out into the evenings.

Set a ‘No-work’ time to end off the day. This will help to manage the time spent on work. It also assists your concentration and focus because you know that during working hours, the distractions can be saved for later, thus improving productivity.


Inspire Yourself With New Activities

Adding new routines to keep yourself from spending too much time on work is a win-win situation for both your body and mind. Physical activities like aerobics or yoga help you keep in shape and, at the same time, destress from the daily hustle and bustle. The best part is, with many such activities going online, there’s room for social life to expand. You get to meet new people and share experiences too.


Location, location, location

To some, the biggest difference that affects their work-life balance is location. When your home becomes your office, it is easy to side-track the things you usually do at each location. Thus, the need for a work station at home so that you know when you sit at the specified place, it means that focus should be on your calls, projects, and assignments. When you walk away from that location, all work matters are cut off.

To spice things up a little, have a day or two in a week where you go to different café’s or the likes and set up. The change in environment is refreshing, and when you feel like you’ve overstayed, that’s the signal for work-life balance to kick in.


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