Why Should We Hire You? 3 Best Answers

Why Should We Hire You? 3 Best Answers

Job interviews are unquestionably considered the most daunting life experience. You’re sitting in a room with various managers, owners, and maybe even investors, having to market yourself about why you’re the best candidate for the job.

Many challenging questions will arise during this process that you’re expected to reply prominently with accuracy and reasoning. The most challenging question that regularly occurs in interviews is “Why should we hire you?”. There’s an unlimited number of responses, but only a few successful ones.

Although the answer to this question can vary based on an individual’s expertise, the company itself, and the position, we’ve constructed the three best responses, which can hopefully spark some imagination when preparing your answer.

1.  Why Should We Hire You Sample #1

“That’s a significant question in the process, and I appreciate you asking. Based on what’s been discussed today and the research I’ve conducted, your business is looking for an executive willing to bring on board a fresh perspective and increase sales. In my previous role, I increased profits by 25% within six months by implementing social media marketing in our business practices. Based on these successes, I believe I’m a suitable candidate for the role.” 

2. Why Should We Hire You Sample #2

“I’m glad you asked. Earlier in the conversation, you mentioned that leadership and teamwork qualities are mandatory requirements for the position. In my ten years of experience being a marketing manager for *business name*, I’ve effectively managed and excelled a team of fifteen individuals. I honed my communication and management capabilities through various courses that showcased in our KPIs as our department grew year-in-year-out since *the year*. Because I’ve exceeded in these areas before, I’m highly confident I can bring these mandatory requirements to the position.”

3.  Why Should We Hire You Sample #3

“Within the job listing, this conversation, and my research, it appears your organisation is looking for an individual who’s an expert within the transportation industry. While I don’t know the experiences of the other candidates, I can suggest why I’m the best individual you can hire for the role. During the last five years of managing transport for *company name*, I decreased delivery time by two days, lowered transportation expenses, and gained a multi-million-dollar contract by continuously maintaining flawless deliveries. Because I’ve already exceeded expectations within this region for *business name*, I’m ready to progress my career and spread my wings at a company of your size.”

4.   The Best Way to Answer “Why Should We Hire You”

The above showcases some examples to the question “why should we hire you”. However, these won’t accommodate many people looking for accurate answers. Unfortunately, a question like this can’t be copied from somewhere. Therefore, research, structuring and practising are required. To create your answer to this question, see the below tips:

  • Always perform research on the job listing and company
  • Listen to the interviewer and make your response relevant to what they’ve been discussing
  • Practice at home, to a spouse, mirror, or anything else for that matter
  • Be confident with your response
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