What The Hermit Crab Can Teach Us About Career Change

What The Hermit Crab Can Teach Us About Career Change

It is surprising, the lessons we can learn from nature and the animal kingdom. From the colony of ants associated with collective intelligence to heeding on your instincts when it comes to making important life decisions. This week, we’ll dive down to the bottom of the ocean and take away a lesson or two from a tiny but incredible creature known as the hermit crab.

As we all know, the hermit crab tends to change its shell or “home” once in a while. And the reason for that is not only due to its need to find a bigger living and protective space for growth, they sometimes do it out of curiosity and when they feel like a better opportunity awaits them.

Here are 3 lessons professionals can learn about career change from the hermit crab.  

We outgrow our shells

There are times when we feel our career has plateaued and has reached maximum growth in our current organization. This is the signal that we’ve outgrown our shells and it is time to look for a new one. Staying in a company, fearing that there are no better options out there might be a safe decision, but it also restricts growth and new experiences.  

Consider the options

Although it seems like a simple task for the hermit crab to leave their current shell behind and creep into the next one, there are several things at stake. One of them would be, when it leaves the shell, it is open to attacks from predators and other elements of dangers.

The same goes for us. We need to survey our surroundings and lay out our options first before deciding to move on to a different career. With technology at our disposal, we can freely research what we intend to pursue and what are the best steps we need to take before moving forward.  

Grab the opportunity

The hermit crabs are highly sociable creatures and love to be around their kind. The downside to this is, when it comes to finding a new home, competition is tough. Just like the competitive jobs industry, it might be hard for professionals to find a suitable organization to embark on because we have to pit ourselves against strong candidates that are also fighting for a spot to advance in their career.

But this shouldn’t deter us from striving for a better career opportunity. Instead, be like the hermit crab and face our doubts and fears head-on. Change is a choice, and it is ultimately up to us to brave on and reap the rewards at the end of the day.

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