Vital Aspects In A Resume: 3 Tips For Success

Vital Aspects In A Resume: 3 Tips For Success

A resume is the most vital single piece of paper that stands between you and your new career. It is the make-or-break factor for your future employer to even consider you for an interview. Unlike a CV that has all the information on past experiences as well as skills you possess, a resume is a short one or two pages that describe how you fit the company and what benefits you can bring to them. Thus, it is important to stand out and shine against the other candidates you might be facing and impress!

Here are some tips on making your resume, “THE RESUME” your potential employers want to see.

Tip #1: A Resume is a Marketing Document, to Sell Yourself!

Like an attractive brochure that catches your eye, use this opportunity to your fullest advantage to attract the attention of your potential interviewer or desired organization. The average time spent reading a resume is 20 Seconds! So make it short, sharp and attractive. Get right to the point on what you can offer for your potential employer and the rest will follow suit. 

Tip #2: Open Strong

Other than the necessary header with your particulars and contact details, the introduction is the paragraph that recruiters and interviewers will look at. This is where you make a statement (and make it strong). In a few sentences, explain clearly what interest you in the position you are applying for and how you can perform well if given the chance.

With your main intention laid out, it is easier for the interviewer to ask questions and thus, you can drive the interview the direction both parties are clear and understanding can be reached even before the actual meeting commence.

Tip #3: Skills, not Experience 

Many would regard their years of experience and achievements as the highlight of their resume. But in reality, the lack of experience will not matter as much compared to the potential room to grow. The main message to send across is not how good you are, but how hungry for experience and how much you are willing to learn to grow in your career. This way, your potential employer knows that you are willing to take on new challenges rather than just bringing in your current skillsets.

Examples of soft skills that enhance your resume would be:

  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism in adapting to different environments

While there are still many other factors at play, these are just a few vital ones to help you prepare for the next step in your career. To get the optimal resume possible, professional help is always the best approach. Craft the most desirable resume in the market here.

Good luck in your future endeavours and achieve that dream career you’ve always wanted!


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