Unemployment Due To COVID-19: A Catastrophe After A Calamity

Unemployment Due To COVID-19: A Catastrophe After A Calamity

Let’s face it, times are hard and everyone is facing moments of uncertainty due to the recent pandemic that is the COVID-19. Both blue and white collars alike have been working from home or furloughed, and the unfortunate ones, lost their jobs permanently just to keep organizations afloat and alive, awaiting what comes next in the weeks or even months to come.

In March alone, an estimated 25 million people have lost their source of income worldwide and the numbers are climbing. But even though it is a worrying trend and panic seems like a natural response, the situation should be accessed with utmost care and rationality.

An economic fallout is inevitable but here are a few things we can do:

Stay Calm

It is most definitely easier said than done but to remain calm and sensible is the optimal thing to do right now. Many governments here in the Asia pacific have plans to provide or are already providing aid for both individuals as well as companies affected by the pandemic.

Looking at it in the long haul is the way to approach this phenomenon. Studies have shown that losing a job or source of income during hard times is akin to grieving the loss of a loved one. And this might end up with deeper implications such as mental issues. Keep calm, as many avenues are providing help for both unemployed as well as those furloughed.

Access Situation

Search your local government websites for any income support such as a deferment in rent or short term financial supports. It may not be much but it is vital for your survival. Once accessed, make financial plans, not in long-term but 30 – 60 days intervals instead. This is important as situations might fluctuate for the better (or worst) and staying in the loop is crucial.

Staying connected is also pivotal as opportunities might arise at any moment. Keep in touch with previous employers as well as co-workers and maintain a healthy network as after the whole situation has passed and recovery kicks in, there will always be windows of possibilities that await you.

Find Opportunity

Even in times of defeat and hardship, there are still possibilities of employment out there. You are still relevant and there will always be organizations that still need you. Stay positive and never give up, always keep trying. Many online job seekers like us are still helping thousands find jobs and will continue supporting those in need.

Keep your heads up and be prepared for when this calamity is over. When this storm has passed us, there will be a rise in employment and the situation will look much brighter and better days will come. Good luck and stay positive!


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