Top Reads Of The Week: The Power Of Words

Top Reads Of The Week: The Power Of Words

Words can be a very powerful tool if utilized correctly. The way we communicate every day with words can have huge effects on those on the receiving end. It compels people to do things, instruct teams to work together, heal those who need a listening ear, and in a more negative light, harm others as well.

We subconsciously choose the words we use depending on our intent as well as who our audience is. We use softer, easier-to-understand words when speaking to our children and a whole different set of words when we aim to show authority and professionalism with our clients or co-workers.

It is undeniable that the words we use help us understand and communicate better, but more importantly, it shapes us into who we are. A huge part of showing gratitude and appreciation is in the words we use. The same goes for matters we disagree with.

This week lets dive into how we can leverage on the words we use as a professional in the industry and pick up a few tips and tricks to enhance our already phenomenal vocabulary in our daily communication.

The Scary Power of Negative Words

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This is a must-read short article where it dissects and explores in-depth how words affect us holistically. Negative words used on others have the same detrimental effect when we use it on ourselves. This is indeed an exceptional way to self-check the words we’ve been using and how we should change them for a better outcome.

The Life-Changing Magic of Words: 5 Reasons You Need to Think Like a Copywriter

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Copywriters are wordsmiths that put significance and passion into every word they convey. I think there’s quite a lot we can learn from how they come up with the words they use and also the way they think. Here are five reasons why we can benefit from thinking like a copywriter.

5 Words That Make Your Emails Sound Indecisive And Wishy-Washy

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Emails are a daily ritual for most of us. To the extent that it is the first thing many busy professionals do when we wake up in the morning (yes, even before the breakfast coffee). Since it is an integral part of our working life, why not excel and take control of our command in the emails we send.


Erin McKean: Go Ahead, Make-Up New Words! | TEDYouth |

For this week’s bonus video, I would like to share a rather light-hearted talk on how we use words in our daily lives. We sometimes forget that words don’t only have to derive for purposes that benefit us, like when we are doing business with clients. Rather, it should be used as self-expression that colors the way we communicate with others.

So release your inner youth, create new words, and convey your quirks and emotions with everyone around you. Have a great weekend, and remember, be kind with your words!

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