Top Reads Of The Week: The Art Of Self-Talk

Top Reads Of The Week: The Art Of Self-Talk

Channeling Your Inner Voice

If you have never come across the term “self-talk” before, you must be thinking, is this one of those adorable times where children stand in the corner of the room and talk to themselves because they didn’t get to go to the playground as promised by their parents. Well, actually, yes!

It is one example of self-talk that humans do to reflect on the current situation they are facing. It’s just that as adults, we do it in our minds instead and we subconsciously do this every day.

Words can be a powerful tool if utilized properly and it is most effective when it is coming from us speaking to ourselves. There is no one in this world you can trust and understand more than yourself and by talking to yourself, you can either make or break your confidence and outlook in your career.

This week, let’s dive deeper into the phenomenon that is self-talk and find out ways we can use it to our advantage and express it in the right way to boost ourselves as professionals.

What are the Benefits of Self-Talk

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In this article, we can dissect what self-talk truly is and realize that we been using it every day in our lives. But do take note, while there is positive self-talk that we should use to empower and enhance our confidence, there is also negative self-talk that holds us back and limits our will to express and might weigh us down in the long run.

The Toxic Effects of Negative Self-Talk

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With every good, there is always an opposing force and in this topic, it is negative self-talk. I’m sure many of you have experienced this before, usually while faced with a difficult task, where there is a drop in confidence and esteem. It’s as if there is a voice in your head asking you to back down. It might be a defense mechanism, but it might also be negative self-talk that is holding you back.

5 Types of Self-Talk That Help You Excel in Your Career

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Since we have already warmed up to today’s topic at hand, let’s find out ways we can fully grasp this phenomenon and use it to our advantage. Here are 5 types of self-talk that we can implement in our daily work life and bring out the best professional we can be.


The Secret to changing negative self-talk by renewing your mindset |Bruce Pulver| TEDxFlowerMound

A very educational, yet important TED Talk by Bruce Pulver that made me realize something quite amusing. The way we speak to others, be it our co-workers or even our loved ones, we project values like confidence and empathy towards them because we want to create an impact and share a common ground. So it gets me thinking, if I can capture their respect and attention, I surely can apply them to myself right?

In this video, we can all discover how self-talk affects us and what we should do when negative self-talk settles in during times of calamity or hardship. I think this is a very powerful yet often neglected tool that can push us even further into becoming the very best for both our organizations as well as for our well-being.

So, take time and embrace ourselves with positivity, and when negativity strikes, we know how we should approach it and talk ourselves into making the right decisions with the strength within. Have a good weekend everyone!

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