Top Reads Of The Week: Quality Sleep Improves Productivity

Top Reads Of The Week: Quality Sleep Improves Productivity

Professionals are going through a transitional phase in our work schedule. Some have already gone back to the office on subsequent days, while others are still solely working remotely. It has taken a toll on our daily routines and habits but one important aspect we should not neglect is having a good night’s rest.

Recent studies have shown that many working adults face drastic changes in their sleep patterns due to the pandemic being the main cause of concern. Uncertainty in the future of their careers as well as anxiety and stress are the common effects suffered. This leads to bad time management during working hours, thus the need to burn the midnight oil catching up with an unfinished task or worst, spending precious sleep time just scrolling through social media or streaming videos on Youtube or Netflix.

I, for one, believe that getting quality sleep at night brings out the most productive version of me in the morning so I can perform at my optimal throughout the day. This week, let’s dive into how important quality sleep is for productivity as well as how we can start the day right.

How Sleep Can Help You Be More Productive At Work

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Here are some proofs that making sleep a priority can help you advance in your career. Not only will you feel more energized and alert during working hours, but it can also boost your mood leading to better decisions and a clearer mind. Have a read on this short article. You’ll be amazed at the benefits and, it might just be the answer to some hurdles you’ve been facing.

10 Ways to Get Good Sleep in Bad Times To Keep Your Career Ahead of the Pandemic

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Yes, we are all going through a rather difficult time. But this should not deter you from rewarding yourself with the beauty sleep you deserve. There are detrimental effects of neglecting proper snooze, such as the most valuable wealth we have in our lives, our health. Here are ten effective ways we can implement to achieve good sleeping habits.

9 Things You Should Do When You Wake Up

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As we all succumb to our slumber at night, the natural next step is to wake up in the morning. There are things we can do that build upon a good night’s sleep. The things we practice first thing to get our day started also plays a huge significance in how we perform throughout the day. In this article, find out 9 things we should do to get a head start and be the best professional we can be.


Sleep Is Your Superpower | Matt Walker| Ted Talks

If you want to find out more about sleep studies and listen to a talk on its cause and benefits, sleep scientist Matthew Walker is the one to look out for. Knowledgeable and passionate, he brings to the table on the importance of sleep and how a lack of it might bring alarming harm to both our body and mind.

Take time and have a listen to this Ted Talk. May it bring you useful information and discoveries as it did for me. Have a great day, and most importantly, have a good night’s rest!

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