Top Reads Of The Week: Mental Health Matters!

Top Reads Of The Week: Mental Health Matters!

Of course, Mental Health matters. Or rather, taking care of our mental health and that of others we are living and working with matters.

Many of us shy away when we hear the term mental health or feel like it’s an uncomfortable topic to discuss. Maybe, it’s because we confuse ‘mental health’ with ‘mental illness’ a whole different subject in itself. But do not be mistaken. Just like our physical health where we exercise and get a sufficient amount of sleep to keep fit and stay in the pink of health if neglected, can have drastically negative effects too.

As a matter of fact, our mental health affects us even more as professionals because a troubled mind reduces productivity and ultimately hinders us from performing at our peak. Especially during times of uncertainty like the one we are currently braving through, the challenges we face are unlike any we’ve experienced before. Therefore, it is time we take action and find out how we can boost our mental immunity just like we do with our physical bodies.

Here I have three articles I would like to share with you on knowing what mental health is and how it affects us in the workplace.

How To Improve Your Mental Health

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Before fighting an enemy we can’t see, we first need to acknowledge its existence and then devise a plan of attack. We must know what mental health means, and only then can we counter it. In this article, there are nine great ways we can evaluate and boost our mental wellbeing, and after, share the knowledge with those around us so we can all improve together.

Why Leaders Don’t Prioritize Their Own Mental Wellbeing

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A very insightful article indeed. The word leader as we know has been synonymously linked to being strong, wise, and to an exaggerated point, infallible. There is a misconception that leaders should instantly know what to do when there are problems to be faced and are always looked up to for guidance by those around them. But have we ever stopped and wondered, “wait, they are humans too.”

8 Ways Managers Can Support Employees Mental Health

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As much as our mental health is crucial to us, our successes are built upon our employees as well. As managers, we have to keep an eye on our co-workers and continue to do what we do best, to support. Here are eight ways managers can learn to reach out to their teams when they need them most.


Kitten Therapy – The Prescription For Stress  

For this week’s bonus, I have just the video to put a smile on your faces. While looking to science and medicine for the best remedy to counter our everyday stresses, we often forget the little things (adorable to be exact) that can help relieve our minds. Yes, I’m referring to our tiny pawed friends!

I am, for one, a cat lover, and imagine my reaction when I took a trip down to a local cat café. It is as if all the burdens in the world fell off my shoulders, and it was all hugs, kisses, and affection. I definitely recommend trying one out near you. But for those allergic to fur, I am truly sorry you can’t have such an amazing experience, so I guess watching the reactions in this week’s video will have to suffice.

With that, I wish everyone the best with coping with your mental health, and remember, stay positive always!

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