Top Reads Of The Week: Learning And Development: Honing The Claws For The New Future

Top Reads Of The Week: Learning And Development: Honing The Claws For The New Future

Strange and unprecedented times have befallen each and every one of us, no matter the profession or trade. And in this midst of turmoil and confusion, many of us go to bed at night thinking, what the future has to offer us, and how do we survive in the coming months, years maybe.

I definitely do not have an absolute answer to the questions you might have, but I do in fact, have something that I would love to share with everyone. Something that might lead you to those answers you seek. To stay afloat and relevant no matter how these tides crash onto the ships we are on. Enter Learning and Development.

Learning in itself is something we do every single day of our lives. Just like how we were struggling to ride the bicycle for the very first time when we were young, to the pain of heartbreak as teenagers. Till this day, we learn new things about our co-workers that we didn’t know yesterday. But just like getting back up after falling off the bicycle with bruises on our elbows and knees, we strive to evolve and hone our claws to become the amazing professionals we are today.

Thus, with that said, learning and developing ourselves as well as those in our organization is vital in today’s context, more so with the evolution of the digital world and integration of AI in our industry. Here are 3 articles that can help us further enhance our skills and experience as we go through turbulent times.

The Essential Components Of A Successful L&D Strategy

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To take the next step forward, we need to know the essentials of what it takes to carry out a successful L&D strategy. Upgrading will cost the organization money, but if done right, the rewards and benefits will outweigh the fees and instead bring so much value to the company.

56% of Employers Have Stronger Cultures Of Learning Than Before Covid-19

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As we recover from the recent pandemic, research has shown that cultures of learning have been stronger than ever before. The industry is waking up to the fact that by developing its workers, they become stronger and even more relevant than before. The increase is truly significant and is proven as seen by how it is embraced by leading companies like Paypal, Keloggs, and Verizon.

Top Learning and Development (L&D) Trends for 2020

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With the huge emergence of digital learning and the likes, here are the top learning and development trends for the new decade. These are the foreseen important key areas to give us the competitive edge to spur on and help kick-start our L&D journey for a better future.

Bonus #1

The First 20 Hours – How to Learn Anything | Josh Kaufman | TEDxCSU

An eye-opening short speech by Josh Kaufman, filled with smiles and laughter, with the realization that change is a constant and that everything we do requires us to improve ourselves. And what better way than through learning.

So how much time should we invest in learning a new skill? Sit back, take your time and watch this amazing video, the content is filled with unique insights as well as a bonus song on the ukulele that is sure to tickle your heart’s contents but more importantly, embrace ourselves with an ignited sense of adventure in developing and learning.

Bonus #2

We are currently running a Masterclass on Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders, led by Master Coach Jean-Francois Cousin. You can either join the Masterclass for yourself and unleash the great coach within you or bring this Masterclass within your Organisation and grow the inspiring Leaders that transform and bring the best in others and will drive the transition to the ‘next normal’.

Message me directly if you want to know more and I will be happy to run a live demonstration of the Masterclass for you !

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