Top Reads Of The Week: Leadership And Emotional Intelligence

Top Reads Of The Week: Leadership And Emotional Intelligence

Ah, it seems we have arrived at a fork in the road once again. EQ (Emotional Quotient) versus IQ (Intelligence Quotient). An age-old debate on which is more important than the other.

For leaders in the modern business world, I do believe that both hold equal importance and are vital for one to succeed in any situation. But it can’t be as simple as that right? Of course not!

For there are times when one triumphs the other, and with the current situation we are going through, it seems that leaders need to embrace EQ a whole lot more than ever before. Emotional challenges are surfacing one after another as employees adapt to the changes faced during the pandemic. The word “empathy” is taking on a new meaning for managers and some, if not many, do not know where to begin.

So how then can we as professionals grasp the understanding of not only the emotions our co-workers are going through but our own as well? This week, let us uncover the importance of EQ and how leaders should approach the topic at hand.

EQ vs IQ

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In theory, it might be an easy task in differentiating these two. But when it comes to real-world application, it isn’t as simple after all. In this article, there is a comparison chart that I find very useful in contrasting them and with it, we can all gauge ourselves in which categories we can or should improve on. So which is more important? Read on to find out more.

Emotional Intelligence: The 3 Things Every Leader Needs To Know For Leading Remote Teams

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With remote teams becoming the new normal, it is only natural that new challenges start to emerge. And one of the biggest challenges is coping with emotions. Thus the need for leaders to build a sense of empathy and understanding different from what we’ve known it to be. In fact, go beyond that. Be the leader who cares. It doesn’t only have to be about work, sometimes a listening ear is just what a teammate need.

11 Ways To Nurture Your EQ now

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Before we can help others, we need to discover and analyze ourselves first. There are studies and beliefs that IQ is nature, and EQ is nurture. The important thing is, we are in control of our emotions and are empathetic to those around us. There is no better time to improve our EQ, so here are 11 ways we can nurture and grow into the best leaders for our organization and teams.


Communication Skills: Empathetic Listening – Inside Out

For a bonus this week, I have a rather unique video to share with everyone. Let’s take a break from the inspirational TED talks and embrace an artform most adults would associate with children.

Yes, I’m talking about cartoons. But not just any cartoon, this scene from Pixar Animation’s Inside Out explains empathy in two minutes so much better than most adults do! Sometimes, we gain insightful lessons from the places we least expect. So do watch this short clip and may we have a better understanding of our own emotions and those around us as well.

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