Top Reads Of The Week Halloween Special: Feedback! The Horror Of Horrors!

Top Reads Of The Week Halloween Special: Feedback! The Horror Of Horrors!

There is no doubt that feedback, both giving and receiving, is a vital step towards improving ourselves. But why then, are we shy to produce or acquire opinions, to the point where it becomes almost a scary experience in itself?

The answer to this is quite simple. We are afraid to give feedback because we feel that our honest opinion might be taken the wrong way and therefore offend the receiver. And the same goes for when we are receiving. We feel our self-worth, or the progress of our hard work goes under scrutiny, and a spotlight shines down on our flaws.

The fact of the matter is, we shouldn’t be afraid of feedback. Instead, we should see feedback like gifts of candy one receives during trick-or-treating (I know, I know. We are a little too “not-young” for that). When one receives feedback, we should appreciate them no matter the quality. Only then will we know how effective the critique is to us, and from that experience, we can give better responses when it’s our time to give our opinions to others.

Here are three articles that can help us overcome our fear or phobia of feedbacks and bring out the brave professional we truly are.

3 Old Assumptions That Haunts Feedback and Halts Progress

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I recommend giving this article a read. The intriguing part to me is the comparison of the old vs new thinking we should evaluate ourselves with. It really opens up the mind of how we are hard-wired to a specific thought process on feedbacks that we do not see it from a simple but distinctly different perspective.

Giving & Receiving Feedback is Difficult – Here’s How To Do It Right

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The Johari-Window is such a fascinating concept yet so relevant in today’s context. The points given about receiving and giving feedbacks are also very beneficial for every leader and manager out there looking to improve themselves in this area. Every action has its consequence, and thus we should be more aware of our feedback responsibility.

How To Master The Art of Receiving Feedback

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To some, giving feedback isn’t a problem, and they feel comfortable opening up and sharing their opinion with others. But when it comes to accepting, ah! A whole different story mixed with an assortment of emotions. But do not fret! This article gives great insight and a sort of ‘checklist’ one can use to master the art of receiving feedback no matter how discomforting it can get.


The Secret to Giving Great Feedback | The Way We Work, a TED Series |

This week, I have a short and informative video to share with everyone. Don’t worry, it’s not dull at all, in fact, quite quirky and fun. Just like how today’s theme of fear in giving and receiving feedbacks derives from our brains, understanding and growing out of it also comes from the same place.

The tips given in the video are quite exceptional and useful for us professionals to use immediately, and with practice, nothing can scare us anymore. Not even the horror that is feedback! Have a great weekend, and don’t be afraid to leave a feedback in my comment section!

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