Top Reads Of The Week: Career Tunnel Vision

Top Reads Of The Week: Career Tunnel Vision

Focus is without a doubt, a good thing. We need focus to carry out our tasks to the best of our abilities, be it at work professionally as well as the things we do in our everyday lives. But what if this focus becomes too overwhelming that we block out everything else that is just as, if not more important for us to achieve success. That situation creates tunnel vision.

As professionals, we are very goal-driven, and when we put our minds into action, we want the best outcome possible. Being too engrossed to derive at that terminal destination might become dangerous for our career because we tend to lose out on the balance of what it should be. Sometimes, we are blindsided by other options and opinions of others because we are adamant on a single viewpoint.

Thus, we need to find out how tunnel vision affects us in our career and what are the best actions to realize that we are already on our path to success, and we should be open to everything around us and enjoy what life has to offer.

Here are three articles I would like to share with everyone about what career tunnel vision is and how we can realize that we have indeed found our calling and should make the best out of it.

Explaining Tunnel Vision

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A tunnel vision does not only occur in the business and career context. It happens in almost every situation imaginable, and the first step to counter it is to acknowledge its existence within our mindset. In this article, it shows us ways we are experiencing such a phenomenon in bite-sized pieces, and the analogy given in the situation of the cashier is one that I find very useful when explaining and realizing tunnel vision.

Tunnel Vision is Setting You Up for Failure: How to Broaden Your Scope and Solve Tough Problems

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An insightful read most definitely. What happens when we are plagued with a problem that seems highly unsolvable even though we’ve tried our best to implement solutions we think would best help. The answers we are looking for surprisingly might be as easy as going back to the basics and start the thought process from the ground up. By doing so, it breaks the tunnel vision barrier and allows us to think out of the box. A simple action yet effective!

7 Signs You Have Found Your Calling

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Sometimes, we need to realize that the light at the end of the tunnel (pun intended) is limiting us from the things we are already achieving. Through our struggles of reaching out to our ultimate success, we tend to neglect the victories we should be celebrating. Here are seven signs we have found our calling, and we should embrace them and realize that we are currently the best version of ourselves as we carry on improving and heading to bigger and greater goals in life.


Tunnel Vision, James Trainum

This week, I have a fascinating and intriguing bonus I would like to share with everyone. Here, we have an alternative viewpoint on what tunnel vision is from the perspective of crime investigation. A refreshing yet relevant parallel on how we as professionals can use it when tackling problems faced in our workplaces. Have a watch and tell me what you think.

With that said, I hope you find a new outlook on what career tunnel visions mean to you and see the bigger picture that can open new horizons of opportunities. Have a great week ahead!

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