Top Reads Of The Week: Be Not Problem-Focused But Solution-Oriented

Top Reads Of The Week: Be Not Problem-Focused But Solution-Oriented


It is something we face every day of our lives, no matter where or when. Like an annoying friend who always pops out unexpectedly and annoys us till no end. But at the end of the day, as much as we would love to avoid it, is still a friend after all and it is up to us how we approach these problems at the end of the day. And that is where solutions come in.

When we concentrate too much on the problems, we lose track of many things that are important to us. We lose precious time, we lose focus, and worst of all, we lose productivity. And while we are busy solving an issue, many more will creep up and before we realize, we are drowning.

Thus the need to be solution-oriented. Easier said than done, I know. But we need to take a step back and analyze the difficulties we go through in a more holistic view. Before we dive in and tackle the problem at hand like the brave and confident professionals that we are, think about the end goal in mind. Take the top-down approach and reverse engineer the problem. That way, we can be more solution-oriented and it will, in turn, bring out the best leaders in all of us.

Here are three articles I’ve selected that can further uncover what it means to be more solution-oriented and less problem-focused.

Problem vs Solution Focused Thinking

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This article breaks down very well the debate on problem vs solution-focused thinking. We are nurtured to be problem-focused from a very young age in school, to take on one problem at a time. It is time we evolve and become solution-focused leaders and take our teams to the next level, no matter the difficulties faced.

How to Take a Solution-Oriented Approach to Resolving Problems

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In the business world, we are faced with problems, big and small. And as leaders, it is up to us to take charge and tackle the problems faced by the organization. By applying a more solution-oriented approach, we can turn the tides and use them to our advantage. Do not let problems be our downfall, instead, let it light the fire of our passion and fuel us with opportunities to grow and become better.

There Is Always A Solution, Always

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An interesting article I recommend everyone to read. The real-life case study is an eye-opener and is a good introduction to Relentless Solution Focus (RSF) whereby for 60 seconds, throw out all the negative thoughts and only focus on the solutions to bring the best outcomes.


Uncommon Sense: Moving From A Problem-Focused To Solution-Focused Mindset | Mel Gill | TEDxVarna

Such a great ‘easy to watch and listen’ speech by Dr. Mel Gill. This motivational talk is brimming with truth and insights, sure to bring benefits to us going through this hectic and problem-filled, or solution-filled I shall say, times.

With that, have a great weekend everyone, and may we be solution-focused and oriented in every problem we face.

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