Top Reads Of The Week: Acknowledging Failure: A Prerequisite For Success

Top Reads Of The Week: Acknowledging Failure: A Prerequisite For Success

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ― Thomas A. Edison

Speaking and sharing about your failures is not an easy feat. It is usually coupled with a lingering sense of disappointment and even shame sometimes. But we must acknowledge our failures because, through that, we learn to become better in what we do.

Failure is also the greatest of teachers, one that teaches us to be humble in times of triumph as well as to be resilient when difficulties overcome us. When a leader learns from failure, they will guide the team with a stronger sense of conviction and wisdom. Accepting defeat and rising stronger than before garners the respect of those around us.

Therefore, is failure a prerequisite before achieving success?

In my opinion, no matter how good we are in excelling in our projects or job prospects, blunders tend to happen. That is where we find the room to grow and take a step back to analyze. This is the golden opportunity to reinforce and build a foundation stronger than ever before.

This week, I have three articles to share that will shed some light on how failure is a fundamental step towards success.

Three Ways Failure Can Equal Success

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There is always a form of failure in every success story, be it a grand rejection or a total collapse. But these individuals or companies did not stop there. Like a stop sign at the end of the street, it is vital to observe what the next course of action and directions are, to reach better outcomes, and to avoid a collision course. Here are three ways failure can lead to success.

Want To Really Help Others? Talk About Your Failures, Not Your Successes

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Leaders are the beacon of light for teams and organizations. It is whom people look up to and seek guidance when help is needed. To help others perform better, show them the mistakes you made that made you who you are today, and shed some light on the paths they should avoid. In the long run, this will help them make decisions with a clearer mind as opposed to if you only share your successes.

HR Leaders Share Their Biggest Failure and What It Taught Them

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Here are a few case studies shared by professionals on their biggest failures and the lesson they derive from them. Every industry is different as there is no “one size fits all” solution to the problems we face. What we can do is leverage from the experiences and make the most out of them. This article has a great mix of advice for the early stages of a career seeker to accomplished business managers.


Failure Is Part of Success | Eduardo Zanatta | TEDxBYU

This week, I would like to share a bonus video with everyone. Albeit short, the contents dives straight into the topic at hand. It tackles the burning question, which one is greater, Our desire to succeed or fear to fail?

Take time and have a look at the video. I’m sure it will motivate you as much as it did for me. And have a great weekend ahead !

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