These Simple Gestures Will Help You Ace That Remote Interview

These Simple Gestures Will Help You Ace That Remote Interview

As we transition ourselves into the new normal, almost everything has gone online, from meetings to remote working. Interviews are no exception. Naturally, there are concerns brought up by many professionals looking to build their new career, mainly on the issue of remote interviews.

To be fully prepared and confident for traditional face-to-face interviews are already quite a challenge for some. Remote interviewing might then become a new ball game for many. But fret not, there are more similarities than there are differences when it comes to remote interviews.

Here are some tips you can utilize to get the best out of your upcoming interview through your computer screens.

Take Time For Preparation

To be prepared is half the battle won. I’m sure you’ve heard that line before, and in this context, it is as crucial as it has ever been. Many factors could potentially dampen your chances of having a great interview. Thus, preparing a week or so before would be a wise choice.

Ask beforehand on which platform or app the interviewers would like to hold the meeting and familiarize yourself with said application. This is so that you would not fumble and panic when there is a need to mute your microphone in case there is an unexpected noise coming from your end (we know too well this inconvenience happens at the most inappropriate times) or when there’s a need to share your screen.

Rehearse Before The Interview

Rehearsing is a crucial part of preparing for the interview. Imagine starting the meeting with your hiring managers late because the platform you are using needs an update. A rehearsal with a trusty friend a day or even a few hours before the real interview can do you wonders and keep you confident. This is the best time to test out if your intended audience can hear you well enough on their end and if you can hear them too.

Find the best spots for the interview if you are not going to use a background. No interviewer wants to see a messy living space. Instead, a professional-looking workspace will send a positive message to them. Same goes for the outfit you pick, it should exude professionalism yet still natural based on the setting you are in. There is no need to overdress yourself as you would in a face-to-face interview but dressing too casually might portray yourself as too laid back and unprepared. Find the middle ground and you are golden.

Exaggerate Your Gestures

After getting the pre-interview preparation all down and perfect, here comes the interview itself. Apply all the things you’ve learned as per a normal interview, but there is one factor that you should focus on, which is, your interviewer cannot observe your tone and body language as well as they might do in a normal interview.

Therefore, there is a need to exaggerate your gestures. Not to the extent that it might come off as weird, but just a little more effort in showing that you are present and active. Wave and smile when you begin your conversation with the interviewing managers. Use your hands and facial expressions to enhance your tone of voice. Most importantly, look directly into the camera as often as possible when not observing the interviewers. This gives a good impression that you make eye contact with the person on the other end, even if it is through a digital screen.

With that in mind, we wish you all the best for your remote interviews. If you need further help, ExecBoardinAsia has just the right services to bring out the best professional in you. Check out our interview preparation and other services to find the perfect career and excel in your future endeavors.

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