The Art Of Negotiation: A New Skill For 2021

Negotiating for best outcome

The Art Of Negotiation: A New Skill For 2021

Negotiating for best outcome

2020 was a rather challenging yet intriguing year and we overcame it by adapting to the new norms of how things work and overcoming the obstacles, which in turn, made us more agile and stronger as professionals. While there are many lessons learned that we can bring into the coming new year, there is one that still brings discomfort whenever the topic is brought up. And that is negotiating.

Threading into 2021, all of us have resolutions and a vision we would all like to fulfill, and some of them require a little persuasion and the approval of others to achieve. These matters can vary both in our social life as well as at work. Thus, we must learn the art of negotiation to accomplish the goals we are striving for and approach it with a sense of determination yet won’t come off as aggressive or forceful towards others.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when negotiating in the coming years and beyond.


Get Your Goals Clear

Before we start negotiating, we need to know exactly what we want or need. And the best way is to access the situation first before-hand and predict the outcomes of what constitutes as an acceptable aftermath of a negotiation. Some of the guidelines we can use are:  

  1. What is the most important outcome I want from this negotiation?
  2. What can I live with and/or sacrifice for this negotiation to work?
  3. What can I live without (by setting a bottom-line) in this negotiation?

When the goals for the situation are set, only then can we have a clear discussion and negotiation can commence. If these basic criteria are not met, a negotiation session would end up becoming messy with confusion or a lack of satisfaction from either party.


Always Go for the Win-Win Situation

Remember, the end goal for any negotiation should be fair, though there are times where the balance is a bit more one-sided than the other. To prevent either party from leaving the negotiation feeling short-changed or dissatisfied, always go for the Win-Win approach. Thus, it is important to avoid tunnel-vision and not open up to alternatives when there are opportunities to do so. Yes, it is vital to remain steadfast with the end goal in mind, but a negotiation serves best when both parties walk away happy and contented.  

Remember to Sympathize and Empathize

Communication is a 2-way street, and for a desirable conclusion from a negotiation to occur, one must also think of the feelings and emotions that bind itself with it. More so during trying times like the one we are going through currently, decisions are not as easy as it used to be.

Before the negotiation, always put yourself in the other’s shoes before laying the cards on the table. It is crucial that courtesy and professionalism comes first. Once an understanding is reached, only then can a successful negotiation occur.

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