Spice Up Your Organization With The Culture Of Giving

Spice Up Your Organization With The Culture Of Giving

The culture of giving back to society not only engages employees in an inspirational way, but it also ignites the passion within them. Charity within the workplace strengthens bonds and creates a new and exciting experience for all. In the long run, the benefits and influence in the company culture become a great asset to the well-being and morale of workers and managers alike.

Well, 2020 might have been a rough year for many in the workforce industry, and the culture of giving back may be the last thing on everyone’s mind. But instead of looking at the downside, this might be the best time and opportunity to go all out and spice up the organization.

Not only will your company be doing an enormous favour by lifting the burdens of those in need and affected by the downfall, but the returns will also be rewarding for your branding. Studies have shown that a company that is active in charity work is more popular with millennials. And the millennial age group takes up the largest percentage of the workforce today.

The culture of giving does not only have to be in the form of financial investments. Instead, it is more on the value of time and effort. Here are three ideas you can implement in your company to spice things up amidst the new normal.  

Organize a Team Event  

The culture of giving begins with you. Take the lead and organize an event for the team in your workplace. It opens up the opportunity to create stronger camaraderie among co-workers and, at the same time, doing charitable work. Doing so will also foster better relationships within the community. A win-win situation for everyone, thus beneficial for the company culture and happiness all around.  

Inspire Volunteerism  

As it is difficult for companies to organize a huge get together due to the restrictions in place at this point of time, allow employees to have volunteer days on their own. These are days set aside where workers can take time off to volunteer at their own choice of charity organizations. Doing so creates trust and more importantly, ignites the spirit of charity work, compassion as well as kindness and understanding.  

Going Green

The two most common charitable gift of giving would be in the form of time and monetary involvement. But often time, we neglect the simplest ways of giving back, and that is to appreciate what mother nature has bestowed to us.

By going green and supporting the movement, we are giving back to society and at the same time, saving the planet. Start small by doing a little research and gaining some knowledge and insights on what we can do together as a company. Remember, the biggest impact comes from the smallest of actions, and sustainability begins with you and me.

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