Salary Evaluation

Your salary in line with today's job market

Let the professionals give you the right figure.

Do you know how much you are worth?

Am I being fairly compensated? What is the salary package I should ask for? Is what I have been offered accurate? There are so many burning questions when it comes to salary and we are sure you would want to know what you deserve with all the hours you are putting in.

Let the professionals give you the right figure

With the ever-fluctuating economic trends and the dynamic Asian market, skills that are highly valued one day may be deemed irrelevant the next. We aim to accurately identify and quantify the amount you are worth and align your expectations to the market. Let our industry experts assist you in striking the right balance between job performance and the salary that comes with it. Be informed today.

A competitive salary in 3 simple steps


As every situation and projects differ, we will have an in-depth discussion of your current status and divulge more information to understand more.


Our experts will then conduct thorough researches and benchmark the current figures in the competitive market


Once the analysis is complete, you will receive extensive diagnostics and critical feedback on the optimal salary range for you

Obtain the right figures evaluated by our experts in the industry

Let our industry experts assist you in striking the right balance between job performance and the salary that comes with it for only $299 USD (Tax Included)

Your career is important - and helping you find an adequate salary is paramount. Our Career Coaches will analyze and evaluate the optimal income, projecting against up-to-date industry standards, just for you.

What ExecBoardinAsia members are saying about the Salary Evaluation experience.

Discussing salary is one of the most complex things for me. Too high and I might lose valuable opportunities. Too low and I feel like I’m short-changing myself. But after engaging ExecBoardinAsia’s Salary Evaluation services, nothing fazes me anymore! I am now confident when discussing salary with my interview managers and during interviews as well
Anastasia E
Key Account Manager
I have nothing but praises for ExecBoardinAsia. Not only did I get to know how much I am worth in today’s industry (as the last time I switched to a new organization is almost a decade ago), the career experts whom I had such a pleasure working with, gave me bits of advice and insights that I even shared it with my friends and acquaintances. Well done!
Supriyanto D
Senior Sales Manager

Not quite ready to evaluate your salary yet? That's OK!

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