The Right Way to Deal with Stress

The Right Way to Deal with Stress

Feeling Stressed? This is how you deal with it..

Stress is something everyone faces in life. It comes in all shapes and sizes. You’re in a squabble with someone. Stress. You’re drowning in your workload in the office. Stress. Even deciding where to have your meals from a wide array of choices can be stressful!

While there is no absolute right way to deal with stress, here are a few tips that can help you to combat it.

Feeling Stressed? This is how you deal with it.

You might have heard about the 4As, a technique for handling stress more effectively. It’s a concise way of managing stressful situations.

Accept that you cannot control everything

Put your stress in perspective. Our minds are infamous in making mountains out of molehills. Most of the time, things are not as bad as you make it out to be. Simply do your best and let situations play out. Don’t try to control the uncontrollable – it will lead you nowhere. Instead, consider what you can control and work on that. If things aren’t better, chances are, the problem doesn’t lie with you.

Avoid unnecessary stress

Take control of your environment! Many times, we land ourselves in unpleasant circumstances because we don’t filter the things we accept into our lives. Walk away from toxic relationships. Avoid people who stress you out. Learn how to say no when your plate is too full and turn to delegation of work instead. When you realize your value and how precious time is, you’ll understand the importance of filtering what enters your life.

Alter the situation

If you’re not able to avoid or leave a situation that is not benefiting you, attempt to change it. Identify the factors that led to the problems you’re facing in your current situation. Think about what you can do differently to improve it. If it’s relational, be sure to communicate effectively. Choose to ask what they’re thinking instead of guessing it. Learn to express your feelings instead of bottling them up. This would relieve many arguments as it gives rise to understanding.

Adapt to the stressor

This requires a substantial amount of conscientious effort, but will produce the greatest results. To begin, you have to pinpoint the source of the stress. Could it be because you cannot meet the standards you’ve set for yourself? Or because you’re struggling to cope with your workload? Once you’ve identified the stressor, evaluate it. Have you set achievable standards for yourself? Or should they be adjusted? How about your actions? Could they be improved in any way? Maybe you could set your watch five to ten minutes ahead to make room for a little procrastination. This way, you could still make it in time for your appointments!

It also helps if you shift your perspective of your situation. Sometimes, when we’re so involved in our problems, it becomes all our eyes can see. Reframe your problems and look at the big picture. After all, we’re merely tiny specks of dust in this endless universe.

Stress Can Strengthen Us

It can be tough, but we need challenges to overcome to feel a sense of achievement and purpose. I encourage you to make the change you need today!

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