Red Flags To Consider Before Joining A New Company

Red Flags To Consider Before Joining A New Company

A New Adventure Awaits

Here you find yourself at the career crossroads again, the quest to find the next journey towards success. While busy preparing your CVs and Resume’s, you have a plethora of companies waiting for the opportunity to take you into their team. So, which company will you give a chance and spend your precious minutes showing up for an interview?

Well, there are many companies out there to choose from, like a grand buffet of a 5-star restaurant. But which one should you seal the deal with? There are great companies out there, then, there are some sketchy ones as well. Here’s a guide to a few “red flags” you should look out for before deciding on your next workplace.

Be Clear of the Role and Objectives

No matter how skilled or versatile you are, there are a set of roles and responsibilities when applying for a position in a new organisation. If there isn’t, something is definitely wrong somewhere. When browsing through your options, make sure both you and the company are clear on what the position needs. Insights to certain specific skills, job scope as well as the field of specialty are factors to look out for. If the job descriptions are too vague or even hidden, that is an indicator that the employer might just be searching for a “fill-in” employee while they might just be assigning you multiple ad-hoc jobs to do. This will lead to discrepancies as well as a higher chance that they might underpay you or even worst, underutilize your skillsets.

Communication Malfunction

Communication is key! It might be the key to figuring out how the organisation you are potentially joining, works. Imagine asking for personal particulars or details via a phone text instead of a professional, well-written e-mail. Or contacting you late into the night after you had supper and already in your comfy pyjamas (unnecessarily). Red flags right there!

Smooth and clear communication is essential before any contracts are signed. Just take into consideration, these will be the same channels you will have to go through later on in your career with the current employer. So pick wisely and save future headaches.

Testimonies from Job Sites

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. And now with the age of technology, it evolves into a whole new epoch! A study by Zendesk Customer Service Study shows that it takes 40 good reviews to undo a SINGLE BAD REVIEW. And the same goes for testimonies in job sites like Glassdoor. Take time and read the reviews of previous or current employees. There might be some exceptional ones that may just be writing out of spite, but if the complaints and rantings outweigh the praises, it is sure to colour the company’s reputation. And that colour is red.

Always Trust Your Gut Feeling

Always trust your gut feeling, it always turns out correct.

Put yourself in this situation. Everything seems to be going right, the new location is a good distance from where you are staying, the salary is right in your alley. But when you reach the office for the interview, something isn’t right. Somehow it feels off. It might be that the office is eerily quiet or the smiles you get from everyone seem a little, fake. And worst still, your gut feeling is screaming for you to get out of there as soon as possible. It might be because you are nervous, but more often than not, it’s your natural mechanisms telling you this is not the right place to work. Red flag right there. Trust yourself, you know best when it feels right to you.


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