Received An Employer’s Interview Request? Respond To Your Advantage

Received An Employer's Interview Request? Respond To Your Advantage

*Pop-up alert* An email from the prestigious company you sent your CV to has responded!

An immense sense of delight and excitement fills your soul when you receive the email you have been anticipating all week. The moment of opportunity has finally reached your doorstep, and you are ready to take your next step in advancing your career. But amidst your eagerness, a curious thought slowly comes creeping…

“How should I respond?”

Well, it is a natural situation every professional has been through before, no matter if it’s the first real-world internship right out of graduation or a mid-career progression. The key here is to respond advantageously and gain the upper hand even before the interview itself.

Here are some tips that can elevate your chances of getting that desired position in your new company and impress your interviewers at the same time.  

Responding Promptly  

No one likes to send an email, only to be replied a week or so later. Your response to the email should be prompt and swift. But that does not mean you need to answer immediately. Take time and think through the message you’d want to craft and maybe ask for a second opinion or two.

Do not take too long though. The best response should be within the same day or the next business day. By doing so, it shows that you are eager and interested in their request and shows a strong sense of commitment on your part.  

A Good Tone of Voice

The tone of voice you use here is crucial. This will be the first impression you will portray to your potential interviewing managers and making it a good one will show that you have great confidence and a good catch.

Exude good manners like thanking them for the opportunity and addressing them with an adequate level of respect. It is alright to use humour to show that you are naturally an energetic and open person with good character but do not over-do the casualness.  

Uphold Professionalism  

Get straight to the point with your response email. Keep it short and include only the necessary information (keeping the rest for the actual interview). Using salutations is a thing to note here and only address the interviewing managers by their first name if they are comfortable with it.

With the younger millennials and generation Z making their way into the workforce industry, there is an abundance of using emojis in emails and text messages. To keep your reply professional, avoid using them. If you have to, keeping it to a smiley at the end of your message to show appreciation.

Last but not least, do not forget to leave vital information like alternative ways to contact you and how you should keep in touch with them if the interview is through telecommunicating. And most importantly, always proofread your reply email before sending it out.  

Best of luck on your career endeavours and may your reply always gets the best outcomes for you.

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