One Action You Should Avoid For A More Productive Workday

One Action You Should Avoid For A More Productive Workday

So, what is this action that we should avoid the first thing in the morning that affects our day’s productivity? You guessed it! It’s picking up the smartphone and checking for emails as well as other social media notifications.

Studies have shown that 58% of people check their emails right after they wake up. Yes, even before brushing their teeth or have their morning coffee (or tea). As harmless as it sounds, it is actually bad for our mental health as it sets up our day full of anxiety and stress, in turn, taking a toll on our productivity for a great workday.

The problem here is not solely the contents of the emails itself but the act of doing it habitually. It robs you of the valuable time to get prepared in the morning, to have a hearty breakfast with the family, or to slide in an hour or two of exercise. With the abundance of social media these days, the act of checking emails on your smart device will most likely lead to exploring other sites, and before you know it, this distraction takes up time we could have spent more productively.

So how then can we manage our time better and when should we be checking our emails? Here are three tips for professionals out there.  

Leave Emails For Working Hours

The best and most effective way to avoid checking your emails first thing in the morning is to be disciplined and program yourself to browse your inbox only when you reach your workplace or when your work hour has started (for those who are working remotely).

This way, you do not engulf your mind with work even before the workday starts as once you do, your whole day becomes a to-do list with those emails that require you to respond.  

Turn Off Notifications 

There is no doubt that technology has become a highly useful tool for both our professional as well as personal lives. But sometimes, letting it run its course without proper control might come back and bite us. The time you have before and after working hours should be dedicated to spending moments with our loved ones and create precious memories and recharge ourselves.

By leaving the notifications on, it is as though we are working 24/7, and when an email pops up, we are enslaved to its command, opening and checking it out seconds after that buzz or jingle rings. Let’s do ourselves a favour and turn off the notifications when necessary.  

If You Have To, Only Read The Important Ones

There are times, as professionals in the working industry, where we need to anticipate an incoming email. Let these be the only time where we can break the rules and check those emails. Only the important ones. Because let’s be honest, most of the emails we receive are not urgent or even directed to someone else. We are just looped, to be in the know.

With that, let us all remind ourselves that our mornings are blessed with opportunities to be a better person, and letting our emails dictate our day is not doing us any favours. So let’s get rid of this habit and become the best productive professional we can be.

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.” -Richard Whately  

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