Onboarding In The New Normal

Onboarding In The New Normal

The onboarding process that we are familiar with is no longer viable in the new normal. Instead, we are left to face new challenges and a whole different style of onboarding. But fret not, digital onboarding can be as effective, if not, more effective than the ‘normal’ initiation of yesteryears where you get to physically meet your new co-workers and a little tour around the workplace.  

Here are a few tips on how you can bring out the best in integrating yourself into your new career path, and impress everyone around you. Getting up to speed may not be as quick but letting your presence known is just as important so that when it’s time to officially go into the office, you can seamlessly carry on being productive and feel right where you ought to be.  

Communication is Key  

We need to have a great foundation when it comes to communication with both our managers as well as our co-workers. They might not know you, and likewise, you don’t know them so building trust and having constant communication is one of the best ways to break the ice and get on the action right away. Once comfort and understanding are established, working on a task together will be easy and progressive.    

Be Proactive  

Participation is very important to your new co-workers. As being physically present might not be possible right now, the only way they can evaluate you is through online meetings as well as chats on the plethora of apps we have in this digital age.  

So be proactive in meetings, ask questions, and feel free to approach any of your colleagues and learn the ropes and culture of the new organization you have or are embarking on. This is a great way of showing how much you are investing yourself in setting up a common direction towards success as a team.      

Show Competency  

While being driven and motivated shows a positive attitude to your managers and workmates, competency is the factor that seals the deal. Prove to everyone that you are what you say you are during the interviews and pre-onboarding. Make it known that you are worth the investment they made and deliver your best in everything that you are tasked to do, even the little things.  

Tip: Create a list of things done, in progress, and roadblocks you faced along the way and make it a daily update for your immediate supervisor. This way, you will feel accomplished and there will not be any doubts about your abilities and progress in your new journey. A perfect way for everyone to keep track of the task at hand and ultimately, it shows initiative as well as competency on your part.    

With that said, don’t forget to enjoy this new adventure you are embarking on. The road might be tough and a tad uncomfortable entering the new normal but always be positive and believe that opportunity awaits at every corner. Good luck with your onboarding and be the best professional you can be.  

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