Never Ask These Questions During An Interview

Never Ask These Questions During An Interview

In the previous blog post, we went through the critical questions we should be asking the interviewers to impress and get more information on the job at hand. This week, it is only natural that we discuss the contrary, which is questions we should not ask during the interview.  

Negative impressions are the last thing we want to impose on our potential hiring managers, and by asking certain questions, it might make us appear that way.

So, what are the questions to avoid asking during an interview? Let us shed some light on a few examples.  

“So, what does your company do?”

This is one of the questions that you should not ask at all costs. It makes you look incompetent and unprepared. The hiring manager will get the impression that you are just jumping from interviews to interviews to find a job that suits your needs and is not serious about contributing and building a career with them.

Instead, ask structured questions to inquire more in-depth on the role you will be potentially undertaking. Tell them that you understand the direction and vision of what the company does, you would like to know more about how it plans to advance in the future. This will give you room to understand more, and you will also appear far-sighted and committed to joining the company.  

“Did I get the job?”

This question can go two ways; it either shows that you are excited and eager to start contributing and help the company grow or you are just impatient and quite demanding, to say the least. Usually, it’s the latter, and therefore, you should avoid asking this question right at the end of the interview process.

The interviewers may have a few candidates other than yourself, so they need time to discuss and evaluate every one of them to give everyone a fair chance. What you can do to improve your chances is by asking if there’s anything else you can provide to help them make their decision. This polite and soft approach will be much appreciated and will put you in a good light.    

“What will my salary be?”

Yes, this is a legit question you ought to ask, but the timing should be right.

Hold off the money-talk in the early stages of the interview. Focus on building a strong foundation and understanding with the key people in charge and let the question pop up naturally.  

“Are there any bad eggs in the office I should avoid?” or “I heard rumors about such and such”

Yes, there are and will always be workplace politics whether we like it or not. But avoid asking for gossips. It shows immaturity, and it is one of the red flags interviewers look out for.

Leave the drama for later. What is vital is to put yourself forward as a professional who wants to hone your craft and build an outstanding career together with the prospective company.  

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