Networking Your Way to Your Dream Job

Networking Your Way to Your Dream Job

Networking your way to your dream job

Networking Your Way to Your Dream Job

What’s your ambition? Is it to be the most recognized doctor in your country? Or a social influencer in today’s society? Whatever it is, you need networks.

Keith Ferazzi, the CEO of Ferazzi Greenlight, shed light on how he achieved his success. His main advice was to “never stop keeping track of your ‘dream connections’”. In an interview with Inc., Ferazzi said, “I was one of Crain’s 40 under 40’ when I was 30. Interestingly enough, I had been ripping out 40-under-40 lists for years and continue to do so.” He revealed that he did so to get in touch and keep track of the kinds of people he wanted to surround himself with.

Don’t just listen to other people’s successes. Try networking your way to your dream job with the following steps:

Networking Your Way to Your Dream Job

Shortlist the companies you’re interested in

Start by identifying the factors that made you enjoy your job. It could be the type of management that you like, or the values they uphold. Whichever it is, keep them in mind while you begin shortlisting companies you’re interested in. If you don’t have any companies in mind, look up the Facebook pages of companies you previously worked for and enjoyed. Facebook suggests similar company pages based on your search. From there, pick out the companies that strike your eye and research them. Visit their websites, social media accounts (LinkedIn), and read up articles on Google about them and their staff. You can get to know a lot about them through the Internet, and decide if you want to apply for a position there.

Identify your 1st and 2nd degree connections

A great way to get into a company is through connections like friends. However, if you don’t have any friends who are working at any of the companies of your choice, dig deeper. Use social media like LinkedIn to see who in your network knows people in those companies, and strike up a conversation with them leading to your request.

Brush up on your interpersonal skills

Your goal is to make people enjoy your company. Keep your attitude positive. Present yourself with confidence. Strike conversations with people you don’t know. The good news is, interpersonal skills are honed through constant practice. The more you practice, the more comfortable you get with interacting with people, and confidence will naturally exemplify in your conversations.

Make time to meet up

Though it’s true you can build and maintain connections over the Internet and your devices, face-to-face interactions always trumps any other mediums of communication. Body language and human touch enhance the experience by tenfold.

However, only meet people if you genuinely want to meet and get to know them. Don’t meet them solely with the intention to get ahead. It’s never nice to use people for personal gains. Embrace opportunities to help them out too!

Share Your Ambitions

Don’t take for granted that people know what your dreams and ambitions are merely because you’re connected on social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. They might not have noticed and be aware of it! Make sure you articulate and relay your objectives across to them clearly and politely. It would be good to back it up by stating the kind of relevant experience and education you have, and expanding on how and why you’d be perfect for the position.

Attend networking/industry events together

Before you can attend such events, you have to source for them and earn an invitation. A great way to achieve that would be to join social groups, be it in organizations, or on social networking sites like LinkedIn. Do your due diligence before the event. It would be helpful to get familiar with trending topics and prepare a few points to strike conversations about.

During such events, along with the conversations, make it a point to establish personal connections. Touch on informal topics that are not related to work or school. It is easier to build strong, lasting relationships by bonding over similar hobbies and experiences. Nonetheless, remember to hand out business cards to keep in contact. As much as it’s good to socialize during a networking event, be sure not to be caught up with the hype and become a social butterfly!

After the event, always remember to follow up when formerly indicated. This will exemplify sincerity, which is essential in building relationships with people.

Stay Top-of-Mind With Social Media

A research done by Jobvite in 2015 revealed that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn for recruitment purposes.

Therefore, make sure your profile is up-to-date and accurately presents your capabilities.

A social media site like LinkedIn is a great way to raise your profile as well. By sharing industry news and writing posts to share your own expertise, you’re putting your name out in the networking world to be noticed. Read our article to learn how you can improve your standing.

Don’t wait another moment

You can have the skills. You can look the part. But if you don’t have the opportunity, they will all go to waste. Remember that no one is above when it comes to asking for help, and networking. Don’t let pride be the cause of your downfall.

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