Leverage Your Career With Social Media

Leverage Your Career With Social Media

Social media has been all the rage in the past decade, and no doubt it will be as relevant ( and even more) in the coming one. And the same can be said with the evolution of career search going hand in hand with the platform. Sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor have been major contributors to the success of career quests on social media and leveraging on them has been a factor for every professional out there looking for greener pastures.

One thing to note, with social media, it is a two-way street. The benefits are no doubt great, but there might be implications as well when finding or building one’s career. The first go-to location employers and hiring managers will bring up are the candidate’s credentials on their social media platforms. Sometimes even before they scan through the potential hire’s CVs.

So how can professionals maximize and leverage on social media to further explore their career? Here are some tips that can help.

Stand out from the crowd

In today’s industry, rarely would you find a professional that does not already have a footprint in the vast platform of social media. And competition sure is tough when you are one in thousands looking for a new career path to embark on or to upgrade yourselves.

The key to catching potential interest in you is to be distinct and exceptional. Something you have that others don’t. Build your name as if it’s a brand on social media and connect with the right people. Think of your experience and skills like they are Lego bricks. Once pieced together and built up, you’ll have a unique art piece no one else has.

Strong relevance in your niche area of expertise

Apart from having connections with professionals from your industry, the contents you post or re-post also plays a huge part in bringing your social media credentials to the next level. Start by finding and sharing articles that bring benefits to yourself and others alike. If you are confident, write articles about your understanding in the field of work you currently specialize in.

Acknowledging other’s post and imparting knowledgeable comments can also help you in building a presence in the world of social media. The most vital takeaway here is to be consistent and interact regularly so as not to be lost among the fast-paced online community.

Share your intentions (be open and authentic)

If you do not sound off your objectives of finding and advancing in your career, it would be hard for hiring managers and potential employers to give you an opportunity. They might get the idea that you are comfortable where you are.

Let them know you are currently in the job market and that you’ll be a valuable addition to their company. Be honest about your struggles and passion for growing your career. Only then will new doors open and the rest is yours for the taking.

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