Kick-Start Your Job Search Journey With Referrals

Kick-Start Your Job Search Journey With Referrals

An often overlooked hiring resource, referrals can give you quite a boost in starting your next job search journey. According to statistics, even though job boards and career sites have the most application quantity-wise, referrals garners the highest number of qualified hires. The benefits that organizations can acquire through this method of hiring is also very beneficial in more ways than one might realize.

Thus, many companies have schemes that reward employees when they refer their network of talents and introduce them to the organization’s selection pool. Here are a few factors why referrals are a much-preferred method of talent scouting.


Time is of the Essence

It is proven that new hires that derive from referrals start their roles 55% faster than those that come from career sites. This hastens the process of onboarding and easing into the culture and work style of the company.

Employers have also reported that referred hires have a much higher job satisfaction and performance with a high chance that they will stay an average of more than three years with the company as compared to their counterparts.



Hiring through referrals has many cost-saving factors, and with less time taken, the turnover profitability rate for new employees can help the company tremendously in the long run.

51% of companies surveyed in a poll done by jobvite said that it is less expensive to hire through referrals and a good 30% of the organizations plan to invest more in referrals in the future.  


Vast Networking Pools

Other than time and cost-effectiveness, the presence of an already vast networking pool of current employees holds untapped potential for quality hires. A good selection of 100 employees that have at least 150 followers or acquaintances in their social media networks holds a whopping total of 15,000 contacts!

So, there is no surprise why referrals have become the preferred choice of hiring and talent scouting method for organizations these days. Therefore, find the leverage and boost the success of your search for new opportunities through referrals, and soon enough, you’ll be on your way to landing a job in your dream career.

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