Kick-Start 2021 With Our Gears On Overdrive

Kick-Start 2021

Kick-Start 2021 With Our Gears On Overdrive

Kick-Start 2021

It’s the beginning of a new year once again, and what a rollercoaster the previous one has been. Thus, it is vital that we take a deep breath and start 2021 with much more focus on our careers and the direction we’d want it to head. We are, after all, the captains of our ships, and navigating the waters will be much easier with a planned route in action.

While the idea of making resolutions at the stroke of midnight on the last day of the year might be quite off-putting to many (as we all know it’ll just be a fad that will die down quickly), having a planned course of action that oversees us for the coming months can greatly enhance our productivity and careers in the long run.

Here’s a great analogy: Think of starting the new year strong, like pulling an arrow from its quiver and releasing it from the tension of the bow. The arrow will then travel with might and only lands when it loses all of its energy. The same can be implied to us starting the year right by kicking off on overdrive.

With that said, here are three tips or habits we can implement into our busy calendars and planners for a more productive and fruitful work year.


Start A Physical Journal/Planner

As mundane as it sounds, it is quite a good way to take down notes and agendas. Instead of typing them down at the convenience of our modern devices, try going ‘old-school’ with a physical hard-cover notebook and a trusty pen. The act of writing on a piece of paper allows us to take a break from staring at our screens and can also be therapeutic to a certain degree.

To mix it up, start a new personal system of writing your thoughts at the end of the day. It can help reflect on the day’s activities with questions such as “What is something new I learned today or could have done better?” or “The things I appreciate most today is?”. These are questions that we can come back to at any time of the year and gain perspective on ourselves and, at the same time, builds character.


Expand Networking Horizons

Let’s be frank. We usually only talk to the same few people daily aside from new contacts or clients at work. Surely there are more individuals out there we can communicate with right?

This year, try expanding our networking horizons by approaching different groups of people every opportunity we get. It does not only have to be around those with the same profession. It can be people from different fields and even interests. By exploring the minds of those different than us, we gain insights into experiences we usually don’t get to face in our own lives and careers.


Less Work, More Work-Life Balance

Have you ever thought it might be fun to pick up a musical instrument like the guitar or ukulele? Or try out that new recipe you saw on the cooking channel while working from home? Now is the time!

Make time and set personal goals to engage in activities outside of work, and let 2021 be the year to enjoy yourself and start something you’ve always wanted to try. This does not only boost your morale and happiness, it also improves your career as studies have shown that 21% of professionals are more productive when there is a healthy work-life balance present in their lives.

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