Is A Promotion Even Possible While Working Remotely? Yes, It Is!

Promotion while remote working

Is A Promotion Even Possible While Remote Working? Yes, It Is!

Promotion while remote working

Businesses are currently going through a unique transition where management and employees experience a blended schedule from their working time and location. Some have returned to the offices and workplaces with the implementation of staggered days and timings, while others are still exclusively working remotely. A question then naturally pops out of every professional’s mind.

“How can one maintain visibility and be on the promotion radar when they are working remotely?”

Surely those who are back in the workplaces have a higher chance of being seen performing as opposed to those working from home or remotely right? Are we actually in a disadvantageous position? Well, there are no definite answers to those questions as it depends on individual situations and factors in place. One thing for sure is, if the right steps to be proactive is taken, then yes, there are ways to be seen and appreciated, thus boosting the probability of a promotion.

Here are three ways to be well within the promotion radar and, at the same time, improve your relationships with your co-workers and managers.  

Stay Visible

While working remotely, the best way to stay visible and not let your managers and teammates worry about your role and tasks in the team’s progress is to update them frequently. It does not have to be an hourly affair. Daily check-ins are sufficient, so everybody knows where you stand in terms of work done and the right approach to move forward, as opposed to only updating when the assignment is done.

This way, you will always have a presence amongst the team and also show a great sense of independence and commitment, helping your chances of visibility and ultimately, a shot at that promotion you deserve.  

Be Reactive and Proactive

Apart from being visible, being proactive and reactive to those around you is definitely a plus to having the promotion spotlight on you. Take time from your busy schedule to ask around and see if anybody needs any assistance on the projects they are currently undertaking. Not only can you offer them support with the challenges they might be facing, but it also creates a strong bond of camaraderie amongst yourself with your co-workers. Being an exceptional team player is just as, if not more important than being good at leading.

Do keep in mind, being proactive is a two-way street. If and when you find yourself at the short end of the stick, it is only wise that you approach those that can provide aid to you as well.  

Approach The Somewhat Impossible

Last but certainly not least, for you to achieve that advancement in your career that you want, you need to approach the intention head-on. And by that, it means that you need to shrug away the insecurities and doubts you might have and seek the opportunity you deserve. Ask for a promotion.

Letting them know is the best way to inform them of where you stand with your ambitions of taking the next step towards success in your career. More so now, where the upper-management cannot access you physically. Only then will they consider your request, and with constant involvement working with the team and stellar performance on your part, you’ll be getting the best feedback you’ll need to achieve that promotion.

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