How To Brand Yourself and Increase the Chances of Getting Hired

How To Brand Yourself and Increase the Chances of Getting Hired

Whether you’re developing a portfolio, resume, or being interviewed, your “personal brand” plays an integral part in getting hired. Developing a well-rounded personal brand helps you stick out from other candidates, which is what we’re trying to achieve. But what exactly is a personal brand?  

What is a personal brand?  

It’s what it sounds like, it’s a practice that you can implement that refers to how you showcase your skills, experiences and goals. By developing this, you have a solidified distinguishment between other individuals on the job market.  

Think about significant household brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Uber. What does this make you think of? Unquestionably, drinks, technology, and transport. Without searching the name, we quickly understand their industry and significance. 

That’s what you want to achieve from a well-rounded personal brand. A reader or listener must categorise your personal traits automatically and gain an image of who you’re professionally.

How to successfully create your own personal brand  

When defining your own personal brand, you’ll need to think about your experiences, accomplishments, and goals that identify you as an individual. You want the reader or listener to grasp a visualisation of your professional expertise fully. But how can you spark introspection and shine between the abundant applicants? 

  1. Make a list full of all your jobs, experiences, and education, then rate them in order of importance based on what personally categorises you the best.
  2. Ask your current colleagues to describe your best attributes and skills. You’ll undoubtedly receive a much more truthly and accurate response by doing this.  
  3. Seriously consider your career goals, where do you want to be in the next five, ten, fifteen years, etc.  
  4. Think about your target audience; in this circumstance, it’ll be the manager or interviewer of a specific industry  

Once you’ve compiled the above information, you need to consider which findings identify you the best and start building a personal brand statement that you can comfortably provide on paper and verbally.

Tips on branding yourself during an interview 

Creating a personal brand is only the beginning of the progress, you’ll need to implement it correctly also. An interview is a scary place, which many people struggle with. However, branding yourself and considering the below will increase your chances of hiring.

  • Practice continuously – If there’s one reliable statement in life, it’s “practice makes perfect”. Because of this, practice your personal branding until you can nail it effortlessly every time.
  • Body language – The interviewer will consider both your body language and communication skills during the process. Therefore, keep your back straight and come across as a powerful individual. 
  • Consider visual appearance  Depending on the nature of the job, the visual appearance will change massively. For example, a fashion executive won’t dress like a sales manager. Therefore, dress appropriately in clean and fresh clothes.  
  • Show personality  Don’t shy away from explaining your personal brand. Be confident, show personality, and get the interviewer to like you.  
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