Finding A Lack Of Success During Job Searching? Here’s Why

Finding A Lack Of Success During Job Searching? Here’s Why

Finding A Lack Of Success During Job Searching? Here's Why

Finding A Lack Of Success During Job Searching? Here’s Why

Finding a new job or a new avenue to grow in your career is an adventure in itself. It can be exciting to explore new and uncharted opportunities that await us, and yet, the sense of mystery and the fear of the unknown can be quite daunting to many. Scary even. But once a job seeker overcomes that fear, another setback kicks in. A lack of success.

Many factors come into play when you find a lack of success during your job searching journey. You might feel that you’re doing everything right and yet, fall short during interview processes and being “ghosted” by recruiters, never to hear from them again. Fret not, as it is all too common in today’s job market due to its competitiveness and the current situation we are going through.

Today, we are going to touch on three of the most possible reasons why your job searching developments do not reach the level of success desired and what improvements we can do to make it work our way.


Quantity Over Quality

A mistake most eager job seekers frequently make is to apply for as many jobs as possible, hoping that the arrow will hit a target. While it is true, the chances of hearing back from a recruiter or hiring manager are higher, it also means that some of the opportunities that return are not what you want to pursue.

The most vital thing to realize is, job searching takes time. And the best way to approach the ‘quantity over quality’ matter is by having a targeted group of companies you want to embark with. For example, pick 10 to 15 openings that you feel suit you best and focus on them. This way, you are in control of who you will be in contact with and can keep track better in the long run. 


Efforts in the Wrong Places

There is no doubt that when looking for new career paths, job seekers put their utmost best in terms of effort. But sometimes, these efforts are spent on doing the wrong things. Being too concentrated on finding the right jobs and neglecting the quality of your resume or cover letter can spell disaster.

Thus, a need for balance is in order. Explore all the options within your control on the parts where you can or should improve on. Little things like a small thank you note after the interview or a personalized cover letter may sound insignificant but, in turn, do wonders when trying to clinch the job position you desire. 


Letting Imposter Syndrome Set In

Last but certainly not least is a serious phenomenon that plagues many job seekers. It is the Imposter Syndrome. Have a read on Isabelle Larche’s article on Imposter Syndrome to find out more in-depth thoughts and commentary.

Imposter Syndrome, in summary, is where one questions their credibility and competence, which takes a negative toll on their self-confidence. Job seekers tend to shy away from many great opportunities just because they lack one or two criteria stated in the job ad. Some are even qualified but are tied down due to the fear of rejection or not being good enough.

In the words of Lewis Caroll, “In the end, we only regret the chances we don’t take”. Do not let Imposter Syndrome take control of you. Grab every opportunity you feel is meant for you, and good luck on your job hunts!



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