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Get noticed with an Outstanding Resume

There is a common misconception that interviewers will take the time to read through and analyse every single one of the resumes they receive. That is as far from the truth as it can get. 6 Seconds. Yes, 6 seconds is all it takes for them to look through your resume and decide if they would want to call you up for an interview. So how do we fully utilize and capture their attention within 6 seconds? We have the answer. 

A stellar resume in 4 simple steps

① Send us your current resume containing the relevant and necessary information

② Your personal The Job Factory coach will contact you to clarify and confirm the information received before commencing the writing process

③ You will receive your resume within 7 days

④ Your coach will give you a follow up call to discuss any possible revisions than can be done to ensure you are satisfied

Our experts take pride in creating the best resume to get you to shine in the fast and disruptive/challenging corporate world

Get your stellar CV/Resume for just USD 499 Tax Included