Cover Letters: The Forgotten Impact That Compliments Your Resume

cover letters

Cover Letters: The Forgotten Impact That Compliments Your Resume

cover letters

As we all know, a resume is vital when trying for a new position in a potential company to expand our career. A core description of our expertise and an introduction to the hiring managers on who we are and what we can offer.

But sometimes, it might have slipped our minds that there is a single piece of document that not only enhances the chances of us being considered for interviews, it also increases the positive impact even before our resume is read.

Yes, it is our cover letters.

Today’s job market is as competitive as it has ever been with the current situation. Thus, the requirements to stand out becomes even direr, and the need for a great cover letter is of great significance. Cover letters are influential, in the sense that it increases the chances of an interview even before the resume is vetted. Though, many job seekers make the mistake of sending in their resumes with a generic cover letter, or worst, without one.

Here are three tips to include in your next cover letter and increase the chances of scoring the interview that will take your career journey to the next level.


Open Strong

The key to a great cover letter is to impress the potential hiring managers without them needing to even go through your resume. It captures their interest just by reading your introduction and is excited to get to know you better.

A great tip is to utilize The Power Impact Technique™ to start your letter. It is a two-step technique that focuses on the wants and needs of the hiring organization and scoring points by emphasizing on your strengths and what you can offer to the company. 


Things To Avoid

The cover letter is not a difficult piece of document to write, but there are some factors you should consider avoiding when writing yours. One of them to keep away from is to be generic. An unpersonalized cover letter can be off-putting to potential hiring companies as it can come off as lazy and unimpressive.

The most important factors to avoid by far is having typos and grammatical errors in your letter, as well as inaccuracies in your credentials. Using a less-than-professional or overly casual tone is also undesirable to your readers. Avoid these, and you’ll be good to go.


Include A Good Balance of Hard/Soft Skills

Finally, the content of the cover letter must also be relevant to the role you are applying for. Give hiring managers a credible reason to consider you by listing down the list of skills you have and what you can ultimately offer them if selected for the desired role.

Showing an adequate balance of hard and soft skills can further escalate you into being the few candidates they would love to call in for the interview, thus helping you get one step closer to clinching your next step into your career path.

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