Coaching Masterclass

“Coaching will help you to transform yourself into the person/Leader that brings the best in others, teams and organisations.”

A Masterclass designed for and with Leaders and Managers.

We gathered insights and expectations from over 200 leaders from all backgrounds.

Our partner, Timeo-Performance, has built the most effective learning experience to help Managers and Leaders, as well as HR professionals and Trainers to leverage the power of coaching and integrate it in their leadership-DNA.

What you will learn in this Masterclass

  • Why coaching matters and what it will do for you
  • How you can as a coach help people to think at their best and develop their leadership style
  • The core coaching-skills to enable solid progress
  • How to handle resistance to coaching
  • An effective framework for a coaching session
  • How to elevate your leadership with coaching skills and unleash greatness in your organization

“My masterclass isn’t just about coaching in business, it’s a personal journey too! We are going to reflect about who you are and who you can be, about your values, your mindset, your talents, and how you can leverage that all to grow further into becoming a highly effective coach and then an even more effective leader… You are going to experiment new ways of being with others, new tools to employ, and as a result, you will enjoy much more productive relationships with others, at work and in life. Oh, and you are going to have fun all the way!”

Jean-François Cousin -- Master Coach