Best Cities to Become an Executive in Asia

Best Cities to Become an Executive in Asia

Asia is the biggest continent globally, and it’s filled with different cultures, uniqueness, and, most importantly, cities. Undoubtedly, there’s advantages and disadvantages to being an executive in the various cities available in this region. To help identify the best cities to work your way up the corporate ladder, see the below:

Nagoya, Japan

The first mention is Nagoya, Japan. It’s the largest city within the Chūbu region and is the third-most populous city in Japan. Because of its sheer number of people (around 2.3 million), you can work in various markets and become successful.

An executive looking to excel in transportation or shipment will unquestionably want to turn their attention to Nagoya. At this moment, the Nagoya port is the largest in Japan. Additionally, this makes other large corporate businesses easier to scale because the port is within arms reach.

Because of the considerable growth both the port and overall city will encounter during the coming years, it’s expected to reach a GRP of 67,802 by 2030. This will make Nagoya the 18th riches city in the world, meaning there are plenty of opportunities available for inspiring individuals.

Hong Kong, China

Moving away from Japan and to the south-eastern tip of China, the next best city to become an executive in is Hong Kong. The city itself is highly congested by large globalised corporate businesses, meaning there’s a ton of high-performing companies you could become an executive in.

The most notable company in Hong Kong is Tencent Holdings LTD. They’re a multinational technology conglomerate holding company, which is currently the largest brand in Asia. Undeniably, getting yourself into a business of this calibre will offer you a tremendous number of chances to grow your career as an executive. Additionally, they have many more listed companies in Hong Kong; Budweiser, AIA, Jardine Matheson, Techtronic Industries, and much more.

Bangalore, India

Located in the southeast of Karnataka is Bangalore. Bangalore is the ideal solution if you’re looking to gain access to an executive role, increase a business’s profits, and build your portfolio. Currently, Bangalore is rated one of the fastest-growing Asian cities. Because of the strong economy now taking effect makes it a superb option to begin your executive career.


Singapore has been mentioned on similar lists before, and that’s because of one sole reason: their highest tax rate on taxable income is only 17%. Because of their low-tax policies, many hierarchy multination companies placed their main headquarters there, such as Google, Facebook, Pfizer, and many more.

After reading the above, you should have a broader idea of where to begin your executive career. Obviously, it’ll be a challenging role wherever you go, but you’ll undoubtedly provide yourself with higher chances of exceeding your dreams by considering the above. So, what are you waiting for? Get deciding, start moving.

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