Around Asia In 80 Days: Indonesia

Around Asia In 80 Days: Indonesia

Country: Indonesia

Capital: Jakarta

Population: 267.7 Million

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

The Republic of Indonesia, a beautiful country with deep roots of culture and tradition as well as pristine beaches unlike any other. Home to a population of a whopping 267.7 million people, it is the 4th most populated country in the world behind China, India and the USA. And an even more fascinating fact is, Indonesia has a staggering 17,000 islands under her name!

Naturally, with a hugely diverse mix of races and traditions comes a vast array of amazing food. From the famous Javanese cuisines loved by many around the South East Asia regions to Bakso (Indonesian meatballs) a personal favorite as quoted by USA’s ex-president Barrack Obama, there’s nothing short of an adventure for fellow foodies. The amazing cultures also come with their distinct traditional costumes as well as dialect and languages too (more on that later).

Economy wise, Indonesia is a thriving country full of opportunities to be ventured upon. Being the only southeast Asian in the G20, it has the largest economy in the region and is also recognized as a newly industrialized country. Indonesia is the world’s 16th largest economy by nominal GDP, estimated to be at US1.1 trillion.

There is no end when describing such an amazing country, so here are 5 amazing facts that will make you want to dust your luggage and visit Indonesia:

Home to 139 Towering Volcanoes

Spread across Indonesia are 139 volcanoes, live, dormant as well as extinct. Just shy behind the United States and Russia, Indonesia have the most number of volcanoes known to us. It has the most number of active volcanoes in the world!

The latest eruption was recently in April 2020, where Mount Merapi located in the Java Islands spewed out columns of ashes 3,000 meters high, causing flights to be canceled and nearby villages to evacuate.

While it may sound scary, many adventurous hikers love climbing volcanoes all across Indonesia for the challenge as well as its natural beauty. Maybe it might slide into your bucket list the next time you’re thinking of traveling?

Monstrous-sized Flowers

The Rafflesia Arnoldii, one of the 3 national flowers of Indonesia, is the biggest species of flower in the world. But hold up! Before you get curious and start sniffing these flowers, don’t! Also known as the stinking corpse lily (the name quite explains it), these humongous flowers are known to give off the unpleasant stench of decaying flesh.

As the locals call it Padma Raksasa (the literal translation for “raksasa” is a large monster), this is one flower that should be observed with the eyes and definitely not the nose.

Confusing Flags

Is this the flag of Indonesia? Nope, this is Poland!

This surely has to be the flag of Indonesia right? Guess again! This is Monaco’s Flag

This is the flag of Indonesia! Confusing much? Well, the flag for Poland is inverted upside down while the flag of Monaco might look similar but the difference is in length as compared to the Indonesian flag. The flag of Monaco is just a tad shorter, with a different shade of red, sometimes.

More Than 700 National Language and Dialects

More than a whopping 700 languages and dialects are spoken throughout Indonesia! With such a diverse history of traditions and culture, it is no wonder there are so many different spoken languages. But do not worry, Bahasa Indonesia is the official language if you’d ever want to learn when visiting. It is a national standard that almost everyone in Indonesia can understand and use in their daily lives as well as transactions.

Civet Poop Coffee?

Kopi Luwak as it is famously known by is a type of coffee quite popular in the Sumatran, Balinese, as well as the East Timor region. Yes, it is poop coffee, but to be mistaken as bad tasting coffee. The process starts by having the Asian Palm Civet eating the coffee cherries, ingesting, and then collecting the excrement for harvest.

So to all the coffee lovers out there, this one might be one of those “delight to the senses” moment for you.

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