“Are You Working In A Toxic Workplace?” Find Out Now

"Are You Working In A Toxic Workplace?" Find Out Now

Toxic is quite a harsh word to use to describe the environment in a workplace, but it certainly exists and subtle or not, it is ultimately up to you to realize. It doesn’t have to always be in the workplace itself, the culture of an unhealthy workplace can even stretch to the extent of remote working (more prevalent now than ever).

With the whole pandemic situation still running it’s course, businesses face stressful situations every day, and this might be a factor that pushes hidden toxic traits of workplaces out in the open.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you are somewhat caught in the webs of a toxic workplace. Do note that these examples are not a litmus test you should use to label a bad workplace, just some pointers and characteristics that might lead to one. There are and will always be undesirable situations that happen in any working environment. It is up to us to maintain professionalism at all times and make working a better place for everyone.  

Leadership Roles Are Questionable 

Leaders are vital in any situation. And it is more so in the workplace because it is where most working professionals spend most of their time. Having a direct manager who does not have a certain level of respect and understanding will lead to micromanaging. This, in turn, will have implications on the workers’ wellbeing, thus leading to less than desirable work performance.

Having leaders who do not give their fullest support and instead, only do things for their personal gains is also a trait of a toxic workplace. Morale will be at an all-time low and will be very taxing on the team. Without strong leadership, the company will spiral downwards, and people will start leaving as soon as they see a better option waiting for them.  

Gossips Running Rampant

Office politics and the likes are all too familiar as it is common in most workplaces. But when the situation gets too consequential and pushed too far, that is when things get dangerous. Nothing spells toxic work environment faster than immaturity and ego running rampant and unchecked.

Reputations tarnished due to a careless whisper in the wind that often is untrue and baseless are bound to happen. Everyone will be on their tippy-toes, and instead of being a productive professional upgrading themselves and bring productivity to the team, many will waste their time thinking and having idle-talks that bring them nowhere.  

A Lack of Empathy

No one want’s to go to a workplace where unhappiness is the first thing that greets them. Understanding and empathy are the two most indispensable qualities everyone needs right now to have a healthy working relationship with their co-workers. The lack of any of them might lead to a tense workplace filled with stress and unhappiness.

You deserve to be happy with the career path you have chosen, and any of these toxic traits of the workplace are hindering you from being the best you can be. If the situation is getting to you and you do not have the strength to change the circumstances you are dealt with, the best course of action is to find somewhere that appreciates you. Figure out your next move, and may you find peace and strive to be the best working professional you can be.

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