Are You Experiencing The Great Zoom Fatigue?

Are You Experiencing The Great Zoom Fatigue?

Are you among the millions across the world telecommunicating with clients and co-workers daily due to the circumstances we are currently facing right now? Does the app Zoom and its plethora of video conferencing siblings become synonymous with your everyday lifestyle?

Then you might be experiencing Zoom fatigue!

Yes, it is a real phenomenon experienced by many professionals across industries right now. This is because meetings have become distant, and the lack of human interaction has limited itself to deciphering just facial expressions and tone of voice as compared to body language like we are used to.

Just being on camera and looking at a group of faces can take its toll on the mind, even if sometimes we are not the ones doing most of the talking. This becomes apparent when there are back-to-back meetings scheduled, and you keep guessing which of those dozens of eyes are looking at you.

Silence can also be uncomfortable as extended interaction digitally is not natural for many of us. We feel as if we are obliged to perform even though it isn’t our cue to speak, and this drains a lot of our energy whether we notice it or not.

Another factor that contributes to this exhaustion is that we are right at the same space, no matter how many people we interact with. And since we are confined to only that few locations, the lack of separation from work and leisure becomes a blur and adds on to the tax on ourselves. The situation with the pandemic, as well as social distancing is not helping either.

So how then can we remedy this situation and carry on becoming the best working professional we can be?

Here are three tips we can practice to beat the Zoom fatigue.

Make it natural

Try your best to make it like it’s the usual meeting where everyone is together in a venue. Engage by having everyone going around and say a word or two about how the weekend went and the plans they might have for the week. Interactions like these make teleconferencing pleasant and significantly more productive for everybody.

Use audio calls more often, video calls when necessary

No one likes to be in the spotlight every minute of the meeting. Try using audio calls more often instead of video calls when having smaller and personal sessions. As technology advances, we tend to forget that communication and relaying messages were once done primarily by phone calls. Sometimes, less is more.

Add spice with humor

Virtual meetings don’t have to be mundane. Loosen up once in a while by sharing jokes or riddles with those you share your daily routines through this little window, which is our computer screen. A little bit of laughter goes a long way, and spicing it up is much appreciated. It adds color to your meetings and does wonders for your company culture and team building in a time where physical interaction is scarce. 




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