Amaze Your Interviewers With 3 Solid Questions

Amaze Interviewers With 3 Solid Questions

Amaze Your Interviewers With 3 Solid Questions

Amaze Interviewers With 3 Solid Questions

Many job seekers make the mistake of being too eager or nervous that they skip asking questions at the end of the interview. Not asking questions at the end of an interview is a huge opportunity missed because this is where you are allowed to take control of the situation and turn the tables. It also allows you the chance to get more vital information on the role you will soon be undertaking and, at the same time, leave a positive impression on your hiring managers.

The act of asking the right questions during the interview process shows confidence, dedication, and a hunger to seek more information, which will definitely impress the interviewers. Doing so can elevate your status as a candidate and prove to them that you are the one they should go for. It also shows that you are confident and are not afraid to take the lead even under pressure.

But before stepping forward and making the mistake of skipping, or worst, asking the wrong questions, know what needs to be asked. Tailor it to the context and momentum of the interview and make those questions you ask powerful.

Here are three solid questions you should ask, not only to amaze your interviewers but benefits you as well.  

Question 1: “What are the specifics of this role exactly? And what is required or expected of me so we can grow and excel together as a team or company?” 

It is true, you already know the position or role they are offering, but the description given to you can sometimes be vague and the specifics usually lost in translation. Take this opportunity to discover more about what you are expected to do if given the job.

Once the role is clear, escalate the next question up another step by asking how you can excel together with your future teams and projects. Ask what is expected of you. This will open up the conversation on how performance reviews work in the organization and the windows for bonuses in the future.  

Question 2: “How is the culture or working style like in the team I will be leading/assigned to? 

Another great question to ask, as it can unfold more on the people you will be directly working with. Culture is such an important aspect of every company. It will determine the environment you will be working in almost every day of the week. With the answer given to you, use them to see if it aligns with your mission and vision and if any red flags might alert you.

By asking this question, it shows that you are a great leader/team player eager to work together with your soon-to-be co-workers.  

Question 3: “Can you tell me what are the career paths I will be on if I embark on this role? What future opportunities can I expect if I were given the chance to join the company?”

This is one of the most impressive questions you should ask your interviewers if you want to amaze them. Not only does this question exude professionalism, but it is also loudly announcing to everyone in the room (or video call session) that you mean business and take great importance of your career now as well as in the future. You want growth, and you are ready to go far with the potential company you are interviewing for.

Do remember that no job is final, and your career journey will always be in motion until the day you retire. Ask these questions with pride, and may the best career outcomes be in your favour.

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