Ace Your Executive Interview with These Tips

Ace Your Executive Interview with These Tips

To ace your executive interview, you’ll need to respond factually, confidently, and enthusiastically, promptly. The job role itself as an executive is highly demanding and comes along with a ton of responsibility. Therefore, you’ll want to gain the trust of the interviewers by providing solidified answers and questions seamlessly.

Want to ace your executive interview, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the below tips. Here we discuss five must-knows before you head to your interview.

1. Show off your accomplishments

Bragging is frowned upon in most public situations. However, within an interview, you’ll need to sell yourself by showing off your past accomplishments through speech. Notably, if you’re allowed to bring resources into an interview room like graphs, datasheets, KPIs, etc. This could benefit your storytelling when expressing your accomplishments. However, if you’re going with this route, maintain eye contact with the interviewer and provide a clear, well-spoken voice.

2. Make them visualise a future with you

During an executive-level interview, getting them excited about your past accomplishments and background might not be enough. However, you’ll equally want to talk about how you see yourself in the future of their company. Talk about how your skillset could potentially expand their business and so forth.

Without a doubt, most candidates will completely forget about this fundamental tip and just talk about their future. Therefore, it’ll dramatically increase your chances of obtaining this job role.

3. Be friendly and make it personal

Most employers aren’t just thinking, “Can this individual do the job?” during the interview. Instead, they’re also evaluating your soft personal skills such as communication and your overall personality. For someone to be considered a good candidate for the job, they must fit the company’s persona and image.

The employer will probably be assessing their own emotions about you. Is the conversion flowing nicely, are you polite, do you know basic manners, are you intelligent, etc. You can undoubtedly learn a lot from someone just from how they have a one-on-one conversation with you.

4. Research the company and who you’re speaking with

If you haven’t performed research on the company, do it. Having even a basic understanding of their personal accomplishments and events will provide you with that much-needed head start during the interview. It also helps with the overall flow of the conversation.

5. Prepare open-ended questions

Additionally to all of the above, you’ll want to ask open-ended questions.

This will allow you to take a breather and gain more insights into whether this job is suitable for you. Some possible questions you could ask include the following:

  • What levels of success do you expect from me within the first three months?
  • What are you hoping someone will bring to this role?
  • What are the challenges of working within this environment, and why?

This will allow you to transfer the interview into a back-and-forth dialogue, instead of the main focus being yourself. Undoubtedly this makes the interviewer feel much more at home, making you a more prominent candidate.

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