8 Tips to Avoid Talent Challenges

Today’s top executives not only have to lead their teams and grow a business, they are ultimately responsible for the talent their organization attracts and retains.

Here are 8 considerations for every top executive to consider regarding their organization’s talent:

8 Tips to Avoid Talent Challenges

  1. The 5 Biggest Reasons the Wrong People Get HiredSome people don’t meet the misguided stereotype for success because of the flawed hiring process.
  2. 12 Clues You’re Hiring a Terrible ManagerIt all boils down to interviewing and eliminating candidates after interviews.
  3. Swim in the Deep End: A Full Immersion Idea for Hiring Stronger TalentMaking a habit of hiring people who are achievers will gradually change the culture of a company by increasing the rate of change it can handle.
  4. Something You Must Reveal Before You Hire Anyone Ever Again – Better understand what it takes to be successful, define the job before you define the person.
  5. Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified – Gender differences in workplaces and how required qualifications are not always required.
  6. Let’s Fix It: End the Talent Shortage by Hiring for Results, Not Skills – It’s what you do that makes you successful, not what you have.
  7. 5 Quick Questions To Help Determine Culture Fit – Great leaders owe their successes to attracting great people, but a great culture is needed to build a great team.
  8. The One Hiring Mistake Everyone Makes and How to Avoid It – The mistake is first impression and the implications that results from it.

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