7 Interview Success Articles

Got yourself an interview? Congratulations! You’re one step closer to attaining the job. Here are 7 articles you can refer to increase your chances:

7 Interview Success Articles

  1. The 10 Worst Body Language Mistakes You Can Make in a Job Interview – Take note of these body languages and the message it sends out.
  2. Job Interview: Why Only 3 Questions Really Matter? – The key things behind the questions boils down to skills required, enthusiasm and fit into the company.
  3. What is Your Biggest Weakness? – This is a question that tests the interviewee’s self-awareness, communicating skills, experience and imagination.
  4. Seven Worst Interview Bloopers & Tips to Handle Them – Here are some feedbacks gained from personal interviews.
  5. Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? – Have you established a career path for yourself? Are you clear about your career goals?
  6. Is Your Networking Not Working? – How to stop this cycle of networking that is not working.
  7. The Perfect Job Interview in 6 Simple StepsPrepare yourself for the best interview!

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