6 Things to Consider Before Quitting

Deciding to quit your job isn’t easy. Yet, most of us have considered it at least once!

Are you weighing the pros and cons of leaving your job? Before you rush into anything, you’ll want to take stock of things and make sure you make the best decision for you. (Whatever you do, don’t regret your decision!)

These 6 articles are good consideration points as you contemplate your next career move:

6 Things to Consider Before Quitting

  1. Converting a job into a career – Understanding the perspective of hiring managers.
  2. 4 Ways to Max Career Growth and Job Satisfaction – Career Zone Curve and Job Seeker’s Decision Grid.
  3. Can Your Career Pass This Critical Test? – Living life by the 3:1 ratio can change the direction of your career.
  4. Should You Quit Your Job – The Key Questions – There is a reason why you resonate with the questions asked, and you will have to find out why and what you should do next.
  5. How to Resign with Style – The way someone leaves a job says a lot about the person’s character. Make sure you leave on the best possible terms and don’t burn bridges.
  6. How to Leave in Style – The Notice Period is your Time to Shine – This is a period with high potential for conflict and frustration.

So, whether you decide to stay or go, remember to make the most out of your situation and continue driving your career forward!

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