6 Articles for Hiring Managers

6 Articles For Hiring Managers

You’re faced with the responsibility of finding new talent for your organisation, and you begin to wonder “Where should I start?” Well, we’re here to help!

Here are 6 articles to help you unleash the high-performing hiring manager inside of you:

6 Articles for Hiring Managers

  1. Rethinking the Hiring Process from Nuts to Soup – Here’s a quick summary of how you can consistently raise your overall talent level.

  2. Managers, this is what your newcomers expect from you on day one – You might be surprised to learn that many newcomers actually want you to do this one thing.

  3. The One Thing You Must Do to Hire Better People and Find Better Jobs – Jobs can be modified, compensation can be negotiated and skills don’t predict performance.

  4. How to Not Suck at Being The Boss – Being in charge is more than a title, it is an obligation. It’s up to you to be the boss in the most effective way possible.

  5. The Core Characteristics of a Modern Leader – A lot has changed over the past 100 years and today’s leaders need a unique set of skills to succeed.

  6. 10 Clues your Company’s Hiring Practices are Stuck in the 70s – If you’re doing any of these 10 things, it’s time to improve the company’s hiring style.

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