5 Things To Check Before Signing An Employment Contract

5 Things to check before signing an employment contract

Ah! The interview went very well and you are jet-set to get started on your new career. Everything seems to be in order and you are feeling great. There in front of you is the official documentation to your next adventure in life. You take out your black Mont Blanc pen and is fully committed to pen down your signature.

Hold up! Not so fast.

There are times when we sign documents without reading or just skimping through the details. This is definitely not one of them. Take your time and go through the important details once more and make sure everything is correct and agreed upon. Here are some factors that need more time invested as they are very important and will save you from headaches and misunderstandings in the future.


Job Title and Scope

An important factor oftentimes mislooked, check back the role and position you are going to embark on with your new organization. Many job titles have similar names but different responsibilities, vice versa. If there are any discrepancies on your duties, this is the time to discuss and clear the air with your recruiter or hiring manager and get things straight.

Compensation, Remuneration and Benefits

One of, if not the most important of all the things you need to check before signing the documentation is the financial agreements. Your salary, overtime benefits if any and other miscellaneous budgets are all very significant elements when it comes to a new designation. Shortchanging or misunderstandings on monetary values are the number 1 mistake a lot of people make when agreeing to sign the contract.

Number of Sick Days and Paid leaves

The number of sick days and paid leaves differ from organizations as well as the country or state you are going to work in. For example, Singapore has 14 days of paid public holidays versus Thailand, which has a whopping 26 days per year! Different countries also have different policies for their local citizens as compared to employes on work passes. Do check on the agreed amount of leaves and off days for a better and clearer understanding so everybody is happy.


Terms and Conditions

Some mistakes and slip-ups might lead to warnings and early termination. Knowing what they are will be advantageous so as you can avoid them. Some procedures are best to notice early, such as the process of resignation and if there are penalties due to breaking of bonds if any. Many of the policies and modus operandi of the organization is usually written out in this portion of the contract documents.


Confidentiality Clauses

An often neglected portion of the contract is the confidentiality restrictions. There are trade secrets and confidentiality clauses that you need to adhere to. Some of the examples are non-competition, non-solicitation, non-dealings as well as non-poaching clauses. Do pay attention to them so as not to implicate and get into undesirable situations in the future.

The most important thing to take note is, an employer cannot force you to sign any documentation or contract until you are clear and have reached an understanding of all that needs to be clarified with your full consent. So take time before you sign your contract, and may a successful career await you in the future. 


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