5 Tell-Tale Signs You’re In The Wrong Career

5 Tell-Tale Signs You're In The Wrong Career

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that you might be in the wrong career? Yes, it might sound daunting, even scary when you think about it. But don’t worry, this is a phase many professionals go through in finding the perfect life-long dream career. There is no definite answer when it comes to how many career paths a person should go through. Some stick to the same industry immediately after graduating from school. Others might switch a couple of times in their life before finding one suitable for them.

The most important thing to note here is, are you happy with the current career path you have chosen. Here are five tell-tale signs that you’re in the wrong career, and there might be better opportunities out there for you. 

A Growing Dissatisfaction

Dragging your feet to work every day might be a sign you’re unsatisfied with your career. It might not only be because of an overbearing workload. Sometimes, a lack of challenge might also cause you to feel that way. The most common of cases like these happen when the organization you’re currently in does not allow you to explore your strengths and stumps creativity and growth on your part. This creates mundane routines that leave a lot to be inspired.

Going Against Your Beliefs 

What your company does, does not inspire you. Not one bit. Or worst, it goes against your ethical beliefs. That is when you know you’re in the wrong career, and it is time to move on.

Nothing kills passion faster than doing something you feel is questionable to your values, no matter how well the job pays you or the benefits it might possess. Everyone has the right to hold on to their views when it comes to political, social, and even environmental outlook.

Quitting Is Always On Your Mind 

Looking for greener pastures is something everyone does, but when it turns a person negative and keeps thinking about it every single day of the workweek, you know something somewhere is not right.

When a professional spends more time looking at job boards or any opportunity for a better career out there than being productive at work, it is most likely that they are in the wrong field or career. 

Trust Your Gut Feelings

Do you find yourself falling sick much more often than before and can’t explain why the symptoms persist? You might just be mentally exhausted, and your body is telling you that it is time for a change. It does not only have to be about falling ill or feeling under the weather. Sleep pattern and disturbance are also signs that you are not in the right career, and do not let it reach the point where your feelings and mental well-being are also affected.

Clear Cut Factors 

Overworked. Underpaid. Underappreciated. These are words no professional wants in their dictionary, but if it already crossed that bridge, then it’s time to consider a new career path.

Don’t be mistaken. This is not about hating your bosses, management, or co-workers. It is about you. You begin to see yourself complaining more about these factors at work, and no solution can help you stay in the company any longer. Then it is about time for a career switch. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favour when you take action and be in control of your life.

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