5 Soft Skills Crucial For Job Seekers In 2021

soft skills to have in 2021

5 Soft Skills Crucial For Job Seekers In 2021

soft skills to have in 2021

As much as hard skills are a requirement when applying for specific jobs, soft skills are just as vital when looking for a new avenue to expand your career. Even more so today, when the jobs scene is getting highly competitive due to the situations faced in the past year. Presenting yourself with the right soft skills during your interview can set you apart from the other job seekers eyeing for the same role or position. It elevates the status of an adequate candidate to the ideal and exceptional one.

The soft skills in demand change as the requirements of an organization evolves. Those that might be critical in the yesteryears might not be relevant anymore. Let’s find out five types of soft skills a jobseeker should aim for in 2021.



Creativity and Originality 


Every company wants someone that can think out of the norm and inject fresh ideas into the existing teams and projects. By having creativity in your soft skills arsenal, you will be adaptable to the task that is already on-going, as well as new projects that will come in the future. This sets you apart from the rest of the other candidates as you are original, and the hiring managers will consider you as a great addition to the team.



Influential Leadership

A highly sought after soft skill is leadership. But not just any kind of leadership. One that practices active listening and transforms the team into a higher standard. The vision of leaders in the past decades has changed and has evolved into a rather distinct dimension. One can look at coaching as an upgrade or upskill to excel in this field of soft skill.



Social Awareness and Relationship Management

Emotional intelligence and having a substantial level of empathy is also key for a job seeker in 2021. With the whole situation on the pandemic and its aftermath, practising a level of understanding and having social awareness has become much more prevalent. Equipping those traits in your resume and practices can do wonders when introducing yourself in an interview.




Fresh Perspective for Problem Solving

Having a strong trait in problem-solving is also one of the soft skills organizations look out for, as a pair of fresh eyes with a clear perspective is always welcomed. It helps you remain agile in a challenging environment and it also gives you a good outlook showing that you work well under pressure and enjoy having new obstacles to further improve yourself in your career journey.




Last but certainly not least, is having a great sense of responsibility. It is more crucial now than it has ever been before due to the fact that the new normal is upon us. Remote work has become a primary style of work for many, and with that, naturally comes its own set of challenges. This alone requires a renewed perception of responsibility and assuring the hiring managers that you have it all under control, will be a great statement to them that you will excel together with the potential company if hired.

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