5 Burning Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewing Manager

5 Burning Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewing Manager

Wait a minute, isn’t it the interviewer’s job to ask questions? Well, like a perfectly professional conversation, it should go both ways. Both you and the potential organization you will be working for, have a checklist of criteria to satisfy. And what better way and time to clarify all the burning questions than during the process of the interview itself.

Another concrete reason why you should ask questions is to show that you are in control and will be a confident and strong character the company will be missing out if they do not hire you. On the contrary, by not having questions and remaining silent, you might be unmotivated or unprepared. Worst, lazy at best. These are characteristics one should avoid when going for an interview.

So, what then should I ask during a said interview? Below, we have 5 burning questions you should consider asking that will not only impress, but give you the upper hand in the long run.

Question #1 – Can you tell me what is expected of me if I was hired for this job?

Knowing your exact roles and responsibilities is such a crucial factor to know before starting any job. Imagine joining a new company and you are already in your first month, but you are still unclear about the things you need to do. That would be a nightmare as not only are you missing out on opportunities to prove your worth in the company, you are also losing out on building valuable experience for your career.

Or worst still, getting assigned tasks out of your work scope that you will struggle with and in turn not produce the best out of you. So, inquire about your exact role and save yourself from future headaches. 

Question #2 – Can you tell me what you enjoy the most about working here? 

A company’s culture is very important when you are deciding on your next career path. If the interviewer is confident in answering this question, you are on the right track and knowing that your next workplace will be a pleasant and enjoyable one is definitely a small victory.

But! If the interviewer is taking a long time to think of something and is having problems even pointing out one enjoyable thing about working there, then this is certainly an issue. No one want’s to work in an unhappy environment. If he or she is unhappy, how do you think you would fare when joining the company. That’s right.

Question #3 – How long does an employee stay on average with the organization?

Another strong question that might be uncomfortable to ask, but is very critical is, how long do employees stay before embarking on their next path to success? If the answer to that is an absurdly short period of time, that is definitely a red flag to consider. There must be underlying issues because if not, why would anyone leave a good and satisfying work environment these days.

Question #4 – Where would the company like to be in five years?

Your potential company’s success is yours as well and vice versa. Thus, it is important to know what the companies long term goals and vision are. If the interviewing manager couldn’t answer this question of yours, it shows cracks of uncertainty and instability. This might not be that big of a bad thing in general, but a company that knows and strives for their success is one that you should consider higher on your list.  

Question #5 – When can I expect to hear back from you?

Last but not least, knowing if you are a strong potential candidate to them can save you quite a lot of time and avoid waiting for nothing. By asking this question, you can easily gauge how the interview went. If all is well, they might even hire you on the spot! But even if things don’t turn out desirable, at least you know how long to wait before trying out for different opportunities that await you out there in the competitive, ever-evolving professional industry


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