3 Ways To Take Advantage Of The Global Talent Shortage

3 Ways To Take Advantage Of The Global Talent Shortage

Even amidst the pandemic, the global talent shortage has almost doubled in the last decade. And a reason for this might be because the Baby Boomer generation is leaving the workforce for retirement, which leaves many high-skilled jobs unfilled. There is an influx of Gen Z job seekers who are potentially able to take over these roles, but it will take time and training investments for them to reach that level.

The shortage of talents globally might not be so apparent to us because of the exposure that “AI and robots” are taking over our jobs in the current market. Well, that might be true in the future, but where we are now, the majority of companies are still actively finding talents to fill up roles in the fast-paced and ever-growing competitive industry.

So how can professionals looking for jobs and career advancements adapt and use this situation to their advantage? Well, here are three ways you can find leverage in the current global talent shortage.  

Better Salary

Negotiating salaries and the likes might be an intimidating thought, even for veterans in the professional world. More so during these trying times. But what we don’t realize is that now is the perfect time to ask for better salaries when finding a job.

With many organizations looking to fill up roles in demand, negotiate for a higher base salary and opportunities for upskilling in the future. Doing so will help both the company retain you as a great talent addition and, at the same time, build upon your career.  

Flexibility and Benefits

On top of an attractive salary, work-life balance and flexibility at work come in a close second when looking for a position to embark on. Businesses are looking at studies on how to make talents stay in their current roles in the organization in addition to creating new employment opportunities attractive to job seekers out there.

Use this to your advantage by negotiating more flexible work hours, remote working possibilities as well as better health and medical insurance. This can potentially improve and enhance your work-life balance in your new career and end up with potentially better benefits than you might have thought possible.  

Seek Referrals Through Networking

Referrals certainly play a vital role in the job search scene, and today, many companies have schemes and programs that reward both the current employees as well as the new hire if a referral is successful. These incentives are a win-win in most cases and are a great way to gain an edge in the global talent shortage phenomenon.

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